Envoy + braXos integration

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Integrate your physical ecosystem

Add Envoy to your braXos physical security ecosystem. BraXos connects enterprise applications to security systems and building components to enhance the overall security experience. With Envoy Visitors and braXos you can streamline building visitor access, integrating Envoy’s visitor management system with an array of access control platforms.

braXos also integrates with Envoy Protect, activating or deactivating users in an access control system based on the employee’s response to their Envoy Protect health screening.


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Interface Envoy with legacy systems, building control, and more

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Create a record of visitor activity based on your preferences

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Automatically assign access permissions based on your preferences

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Automatically disable access for visitors after a preset time of your choosing


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Access control through braXos is now tightly integrated with Protect. You can require that your employees complete a health questionnaire before enabling their access badge for the day