Envoy + Kisi integration

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Automatically manage access to visitors and employees with Kisi

Give visitors the access they need while they’re on site. The Envoy + Kisi integration allows you to provision access control so that your workplace is secure and you’re in control. With customization options, you can decide which visitors receive access as well as the level of access they are granted.

You set the level of permissions that you’d like your visitors to receive when they are on-site. Envoy will then generate temporary permissions in Kisi that will automatically expire when your visitor leaves. Visitors can receive access to their phone or computer to guarantee a seamless experience.

Work with your security team to ensure your Kisi group manager has permission for all relevant access groups.


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Automatically assign visitors to access groups in Kisi

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Customize your visitors access by mapping multiple groups to different visitor types in Envoy

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Automatically expire visitors access after a pre-set duration or during sign out

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Restrict Kisi access to only invited visitors.


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Access control through Kisi is now tightly integrated with Protect. You can require that your employees complete a health questionnaire and are approved to come into the office before enabling their access badge for the day.