Envoy + C-CURE 9000 integration

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Enhanced physical security with C-CURE 9000

The Envoy + C-CURE 9000 integration gives you the best of both worlds: It allows visitors to have the easy, welcoming experience of signing in on the iPad, while your security team reaps the full benefits of C-CURE 9000 access control solutions.

When you connect your C-CURE account, Envoy will send a record of every visitor who signs in on your kiosk to C-CURE 9000 as personnel and automatically create an identity in C-CURE. You can configure Envoy to apply a certain clearance for your visitor types. You can then use all of C-CURE’s features for your visitors, such as badge provisioning, security alerts, and more.

Work with your security team to configure the correct clearance types, site location, building and/or role for your visitor records.


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Add every Envoy visitor to your Personnel log

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Pre-configure each Envoy visitor type with a specific Clearance in C-CURE

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Stop manually logging user data in the C-CURE system

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Pre-configure access and or events to each visitor for hard badging


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Access control through C-CURE is now tightly integrated with Protect. You can require that your employees complete a health questionnaire and are approved to come into the office before enabling their access for the day.