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How to build a technology toolkit to reopen and stay open

Workplaces around the world are learning to adapt in the wake of COVID-19. As we transition to the new normal, your team will be hyper-aware of how they interact with the workplace. How do they know if it’s safe? Will they be able to maintain social distancing? Can they trust that other people in the office are healthy? What surfaces will they have to touch to make it to their workspace?

Illustration of woman entering office using Envoy Protect employee registration and Openpath's access control integration

As you reimagine the office and solve for these challenges, workplace technology can help. The right tools can keep your team safe, healthy, and productive. Not to mention, protect your business from liability, should something happen in your space. But in today’s already complicated environment, you’re going to need tools that work together seamlessly. Read this ebook to learn what technology you need in your workplace.

Inside you'll find


The tools you need for social distancing in the workplace


Why you need health questionnaires and how technology can help


How to increase workplace safety with touchless technology