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The security leader’s guide to the connected workscape

At the start of the pandemic, most people thought they’d be back in the office after a few weeks of remote work. Now it’s clear these predictions were pretty far off. 

Nearly half of the companies that moved to remote work adopted new technology to help them transition. With business continuity at stake, many organizations rushed to implement these tools, skipping typical security screenings. As a result, they’ve wound up with disjointed technologies that are expensive to maintain and inefficient to use. Worse still, the lack of integration between new and existing tools has exposed these businesses to costly security risks. 


Security leaders must confront these challenges to strengthen their company’s security posture in the short and long-term. They need to create processes to screen new technology for safety and compatibility. And they must ensure their tools are integrated and operated according to security standards. This guide is designed to prepare security leaders to govern critical company technology in a secure and scalable way.

We’ll cover


What a connected workscape is and why it matters


How to ensure your technology is ready for hybrid work


Tips for preparing your company for technology changes