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The 2022 workplace handbook to attract and retain talent

Hiring talent never ends. From interviewing, to onboarding and developing, to improving employee performance. Locating and building up the right people is a key responsibility of every HR person, and is crucial to the success of any business. But in today’s world of hybrid work, there’s a question being asked more and more: How can you design and use your workplace to attract and retain the very best talent? Today’s your lucky day–we’ve got the answer for you.


In this ebook, we’ll show you how to turn your most under-utilized asset into your secret talent attraction weapon. We’ll outline how HR teams can use today’s workplace as a powerful tool to attract and retain talent, including how to create a great candidate experience, how to show off your company culture, and how to banish the dreaded employee burnout. 

Whether you’re looking to attract and grow your workforce or build sustainable ways to retain your talented people, look no further than this ebook.

Get the guide to learn:

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What is the value of the workplace?


How the workplace can help create a great candidate experience


3 ways HR can use the workplace to banish employee burnout