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Favorite integrations

Google Apps, HipChat

“We love that Envoy integrates with some of our favorite tools, making it easy for us to incorporate it into the systems we already rely on every day.”

—Sharon Teng, Operations Admin Manager
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  • Couldn’t maintain in-house visitor registration app
  • Needed solution that integrated with current services
  • Focus on security required all guests to be pre-registered
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  • Envoy reliably meets all of MailChimp’s needs
  • Already integrates with Google Apps and HipChat
  • Pre-registration feature balances security and hospitality

MailChimp optimizes for a modern first impression

As the service that powers email marketing for more than 10 million people, businesses, and organizations around the world, MailChimp understands not just what it takes to make an impression but also how to handle information efficiently.

In their Atlanta-based headquarters, the traditional clipboard and sign-in sheet just weren’t going to cut it—but the alternatives at the time were pretty slim.

“We actually built a visitor registration app in house, but couldn’t commit the resources needed to maintain or update it,” said Sharon Teng, MailChimp’s Operations Admin Manager. “Eventually, we decided we needed a solution that would reliably meet our needs. That’s when we found Envoy—and we’ve been happy ever since.”

Smart integrations provide peace of mind

When MailChimp did their research into visitor registration options, Teng says Envoy stood out because of its integrations with services they already used: Google Apps and Hipchat.

Envoy automatically notifies employees when their guests check in. “We use HipChat to stay in touch internally, so to get visitor notifications through the same channel keeps communication simple,” Teng said. “As soon as I saw these integration options, I thought: ‘Oh my gosh, this is great!’”

Visitor waiting in MailChimp's lobby

High emphasis on security makes pre‑registration crucial

Data security is paramount at MailChimp, from their data centers and office to constant vigilance for suspicious login activity. That security extends to their headquarters, where Envoy’s pre-registration feature is part of their protective layer.

“MailChimp is appointment only—no walk-ins allowed,” Teng explained. “We cannot just let anyone come in. That’s why the pre-registration feature is such an essential piece for us. We ask all employees to pre-register their guests in Envoy.”

Prior to Envoy, employees would email the office management team and say, “I’m expecting these guests,” but there was no way to track and prepare for visitors. “Every morning, we print Envoy’s list of pre-registered visitors for the day,” said Teng. “It helps us know when the busiest times will be—and when our front desk person (“Smile Developer”) should definitely be there to greet people.”

Despite the tight security, MailChimp also wants to offer a warm welcome to its guests. When employees pre-register guests in Envoy, it automatically triggers an email with helpful information like directions and parking details. “It’s a good balance between the high level of security we need and the open personality we’ve worked hard to create,” said Teng.

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