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Why enterprise businesses choose Envoy

  • Exceptional visitor experiences and complete workplace security
  • Flexible platform that integrates with 100+ of the most crucial workplace tools
  • Productive hybrid collaboration across global workplace locations
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Safeguard your workplace and everything in it

Uphold office security the welcoming way.

Safeguard your workplace and everything in it

Keep your people and data secure

Protect your building and intellectual property by integrating with your existing solutions for access control and Wi-Fi. Make sure only verified guests are allowed inside.


Guard against intruders

Instantly flag visitors who appear on watch lists or scan invalid IDs. Security alerts happen discreetly in the background, so your office is kept invisibly safe.

116,000,000+ Secure workplace sign-ins

Enterprise-grade data protection and compliance

Reduce liability and make audits pain-free.

Enterprise-grade data protection and compliance

Securely manage personal information

Take control of what data you store, and automatically keep a digital record of every person and package that arrives.


Meet complex compliance needs

Customize sign-in requirements to collect all the visitor information you need to meet ITAR, SOC2, GDPR, and other regulations.

292,000+ Legal agreements signed digitally via Envoy

“Envoy is an essential part of our COVID-19 access policy, helping us redefine what a safe, secure and healthy workplace looks like.”

Julia Goldberg SVP, Global Real Estate, Office Services and Security
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Health and safety

Welcome everyone to the office with confidence

Rely on seamless, automated technology to safeguard your workplace and keep your business running.

Welcome everyone to the office with confidence

Create a healthy and productive work environment

Verify Covid vaccination status, set and enforce capacity limits, and empower employees to reserve desks in advance or on demand.


Protect your business from liability the welcoming way

Automate company-wide health and safety protocols across all your locations while securing personal identifiable information.

100,000+ Health documents uploaded via Envoy

Streamline operations globally and cut costs

Centralized workplace management helps you monitor locations, deploy to new sites, and standardize your processes.

Streamline operations globally and cut costs

Make cost-saving business decisions across your business

Get centralized insights on foot traffic, capacity, and space utilization so you can make informed decisions of how to hire, staff, and adapt your space.


Deploy customization at scale

Provide consistently exceptional first impressions across locations while personalizing each visitor's experience. Roll out new processes seamlessly by integrating with the tools you already use.

16,000+ Workplaces across 100+ countries rely on Envoy

Do more with Envoy's workplace platform

Envoy brings everything into a single platform that’s easy to set up, use, and integrate with the tools your team already uses like Slack, Salesforce, and Docusign.

Connect the tools you rely on
to keep work moving

Explore 100+ integrations
Streamline security from your building's ground floor to your company's office door.
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