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Executive leaders discuss hybrid work security

On Demand 60 minutes

Workplace threats are numerous and can happen unexpectedly. While it may seem obvious that workplace safety is important, as the types of threats evolve, preparedness programs need to grow alongside them.

2020 has taught us that unforeseen events can have a lasting impact on how businesses operate. As a result, security teams are playing a bigger role in ensuring employee safety. Watch this webinar to hear security leaders at Uber, athenahealth, Molina Healthcare, and Everbridge discuss how they are keeping employees healthy in the new hybrid workplace.

During this webinar, you'll learn:

  1. The kinds of security challenges organizations face in the office and remotely
  2. How to prepare and plan for different kinds of workplace threats
  3. How the role of security teams evolved in 2020
  4. The technologies organizations are using to prepare for new situations

Stacy Summers

AVP, Business Continuity Management, Emergency/Crisis Management and Physical Security, Molina Healthcare

Brian Reed

Head of Physical Security Systems, Uber
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Bridger McGaw

Director, Global Security & Services, athenahealth

Bart Rys

Senior Industry Solutions Manager, Everbridge