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Visitors are back: Learn how to refresh your workplace visitor policy

Let’s dive into why a visitor policy is important and how you can create one for your organization.

Tiffany Fowell
By Tiffany Fowell Content Marketer

Throughout the pandemic, conversations about welcoming folks back to the workplace have centered around employees. Now, a new group is heading back on-site: visitors. Between 2021 and 2022, visitors to the workplace grew by 84%—the most visitor traffic since before the pandemic. To prepare to welcome visitors, it’s time to dust off your company’s workplace visitor policy and update it to meet new expectations. 

A great policy will make a great first impression, helping to win over job candidates and impress customers, business partners, event attendees, and anyone else visiting your workplace. It’ll also help you meet today’s more stringent health and safety standards so your guests feel safe, considered, and comfortable accepting an invite to your office. Now that you know the benefits of a thorough visitor policy, let’s dive into how you can create one for your organization.

What is visitor management and why is it important?

Before we show you how to refresh your visitor policy, let’s talk about visitor management. Visitor management is a set of policies and procedures that helps an organization keep track of anyone visiting their physical workplaces. A thoughtful visitor management policy can help you:

  • Keep everyone on-site safe: Identify folks before they enter the workplace and ensure they share required information with your team before stepping foot on-site.
  • Manage visitor data and stay in compliance: Capture and securely store everything you need from visitors to remain in compliance with the latest local regulations.
  • Save time: Automate your visitor workflow to avoid having to handwrite badges, keep track of signed agreements (e.g., NDAs), and track down employees when their guests arrive.
  • Create a great visitor experience: Digitize the visitor sign-in process so guests have a smooth experience starting from the moment they’re invited.

What should you include in your workplace visitor policy?

Now let’s get into refreshing your policy. Whether you’re building a visitor policy from the ground up or refreshing an existing one, be sure yours clarifies:

Who has permission to invite workplace visitors

Can any employee invite a guest to the workplace or only select employees? Be sure to specify which teams, roles, or individuals have the authority to invite people on-site. 

What types of visitors are welcome

Who qualifies as a workplace visitor? Typical visitor types include job candidates, vendors, customers, contractors, event attendees, family members or friends of employees, delivery people, investors, and business partners. We’ll talk about how to build custom sign-in flows for different visitor types later.

Visitor rules and procedures

Do guests need to take any actions or absorb any information before their visit? Here are some rules and procedures to consider including:

  • Visitors should submit proof of vaccination before they arrive on-site
  • Visitors should sign necessary documents (e.g., a guest non-disclosure agreement) before they arrive on-site
  • Visitors should sign in at the [reception/front desk] and show some form of identification 
  • Visitors should receive badges upon arrival and return them to the [reception/front desk] 
  • Visitors are allowed on-site during working hours. [HR/management] must approve all visits outside of these hours
  • Visitors should be told where they do and do not have access to in the workplace 
  • Visitors should be given instructions on how they can securely access the company’s internet

Who is not allowed into the workplace

Who should be prohibited from entering the workplace? This may include certain individuals or entire groups. As a best practice, maintain an up-to-date watch list to ensure everyone on-site meets your criteria for entry. 

While visitor policies may vary by location or region, they should all contain the same core information we went over above. Look at the above information and decide what your policy is missing, then get to work adding the necessary sections to your policy. 

A wow-worthy visit to the workplace takes hard work and planning. The tips above will help you build your visitor policy and ensure guests feel safe, welcomed, and prepared for their visit. Keep in mind that every workplace is different. As you welcome visitors on-site, you may decide to make updates to your policy in line with their and your company’s needs. Think of your policy as the foundation of a great guest experience and iterate on it as needed.

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