Dec 16, 2020
Nov 9, 2023

The most-loved Envoy features that launched in 2020

Jillian Smith
Product Marketer
The most-loved Envoy features that launched in 2020

In 2020, the world saw a monumental shift in where and how people work. For some, kitchen tables and unused bedrooms became desks and offices. For others, personal protective equipment and spaced out work stations became the norm.As the world changed, your team hustled to implement new safety measures that would ensure millions of essential visitors and employees stay healthy. You hired extra staff to take temperatures, sourced cleaning supplies and PPE, and kept health questions in line with changing guidelines—all to help people feel safe and focus while at work. Somehow, you also found time to share your best practices and provide feedback on how Envoy needed to change to support you. Your input led to the creation of hundreds of new features that kept people in workplaces around the world safe. As you prepare for 2021, discover the most loved features that came to Envoy dashboards this year—thanks to your help.

Minimize the spread of germs with a touchless sign-in

In a year where health and safety became a top priority, workplaces and their visitors gained two touchless options for how they sign in with Envoy. Now visitors and employees can use the Envoy Mobile app to register and sign in when they arrive, so there’s no need to touch shared surfaces. Visitors who don’t register in advance can scan a QR code on the iPad and complete your sign-in from their personal device. Available on all Visitors plans. Get started or learn more about touchless sign-in.

Know which employees plan to work on-site with employee registration

Due to the pandemic, it’s now important to log everyone who comes to your office each day—including employees. Now you can use Envoy Protect to keep track of which employees intend to work in the office each day. Having a record of who plans to come in and when helps you get ahead of overcrowding and staff and stock the office as needed. Employees register in advance and sign in when they arrive using the Envoy Mobile app for a contactless experience. Plus, you get a log of everyone who was in the office, so, if someone becomes sick, you know exactly who to notify. Protect is included in Visitors plans, including our free Basic plan. Get started in your dashboard or learn more about keeping employees safe during COVID-19.

Ensure visitors and employees are low-risk for spreading COVID with rules

If an employee or guest has COVID symptoms or spent time with someone who did, you want them to stay home, not come to the office. Now you can use rules to set up an automatic workflow to deny entry to people based on their responses to your registration questions. Deny entry to people who respond “Yes” to the question “Do you have a fever?” for instance, and notify your team to take action. Learn more about creating health checks for visitors and employees with rules.

Facilitate hot desk booking with Desks

Embracing a flexible workplace that satisfies a hybrid workforce is easy with Envoy Desks. Desks empower employees to easily reserve a desk on days they work in the office. Employees complete your Protect health check in the Envoy mobile app then book and find their desk using an interactive map of your office. You determine which desks are available to book, permanently assigned, or unavailable so employees can maintain a safe distance on-site. Learn more about hot desk booking software or get started for free in your dashboard.

Make the best use of your meeting spaces with Rooms

Understanding which meeting rooms employees use most, and which may need cleaning, is essential to maximizing your space and keeping people safe. Envoy Rooms makes it easy for anyone to book a meeting and gives you insights to manage your space and budget. It’s like air traffic control for your meeting rooms. Easily and automatically clean up unused rooms tied to recurring meetings. Missing three consecutive check-ins will remove the event from the booked room and notify the event owner. Get started with Rooms for free or learn more about room scheduling software.

Prevent office overcrowding with capacity limits

Keeping a safe distance in the office is easier when the office isn’t at max capacity. Now you can keep tabs on occupancy levels and rest assured your office won’t get too crowded with capacity limits. If you reach your capacity limit, Envoy notifies you and prevents anyone from reserving a spot or signing in, so you can avoid potentially dangerous situations or breaking regulations. Capacity limits are available on Visitors Premium and Enterprise plans. Set your daily capacity limit in Protect or learn more about managing workplace capacity limits.

Get a holistic view of what’s happening in your workplaces with new analytics

As workplaces reopen and shift to support a hybrid workforce, data on office traffic and space usage will be essential to inform decisions. Now you can find richer and more detailed data on what’s happening in your offices in your Visitors, Protect, Rooms, Deliveries, and Desks analytics dashboards. See how many people to expect each day versus sign in, average overall space utilization by day, busiest days and times for meetings, and more. Learn more about visitor analytics, employee analytics, meeting room analytics, delivery analytics, and desk analytics.

Build your own custom workflows with Envoy’s integration builder

Build tailored experiences and workflows that meet your workplace’s exact needs using Envoy’s open API and developer documentation. Quickly set up your own private, custom integrations with Envoy that work the way you need them to. Rather than buy and manipulate multiple siloed tools to manage your workplace, centralize your processes and data in Envoy’s platform. View Envoy’s developer documentation to get started.And that’s just the start! You can find a complete list of everything that’s new in Envoy’s changelog.There will be more change in 2021 with offices reopening and a global shift to hybrid work. Start preparing now by understanding employee needs and laying out a workplace strategy that supports employees to work from anywhere. Not sure where to start or looking to learn how other workplaces plan to adapt? Contact us or send us a chat and we’ll be happy to help.

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