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Trends At Work: traffic, space usage, and employee behaviors

Join our data experts as we walk through our At Work: the 2023 workplace trends report.

Professional Services: Demo Webinar

Join our data experts as we walk through our At Work: the 2023 workplace trends report.

Envoy Workplace: Demo

Want to create a thriving workplace that fits your people and your budget?

Ask the experts: Get the most out of your space

An informative on-demand webinar with technology partners Bultr, Embrava, and Luxer One and learn how their products integrate with Envoy to build a connected workplace of the future, today.

How to get the most from Visitors

Learn why key features like visitor photos, custom designed badges, access control, and guest Wi-fi are the unsung heroes for providing a seamless guest experience.

Your ultimate guide to the workplace

A library of must-have ultimate guides that explore the most talked about topics in the workplace.

Get the guides

Street Soccer Scotland case study with Envoy

Join Street Soccer Scotland and Ajay Suglani from Envoy to learn how they leveraged data to showcase the impact of their program to the Dundee City Council.

Envoy’s conference room booking solution

Learn the benefits of a conference room booking solution with Envoy Rooms. In less than 30 minutes, you’ll know how to set up your rooms and how to leverage your data to optimize your work space.

Unlock the benefits of hot desks with Envoy

In today’s world of hybrid and smart workplaces, hot desking is the new norm. This flexible seating model helps companies make the most of their space and improves the employee experience as well. With hot desking, employees can always book the right desk to collaborate with coworkers or just get a new perspective.