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Looking to modernize your visitor sign-in process? Here’s how to go touchless

Explore ways to upgrade your workplace visitor experience to provide a seamless, modern experience.
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Looking to modernize your visitor sign-in process? Here’s how to go touchless

The days of pen and paper logbooks are long gone. Now, the days of physical contact with technology may be over sooner than we all think. You don’t have to look far to see it: face ID, contactless payment methods, and Siri are enough to realize where the world is trending.

The concept of touchless technology extends to the office too, especially with your visitor management process. Workplaces today can upgrade their current visitor registration system by creating a touchless visitor sign-in process. In this post, we’ll cover:

  • What does “going touchless” really mean?
  • How can a touchless sign-in process benefit you?
  • How to make your sign-in process seamless and (nearly) touch-free?

What does “going touchless” really mean?

Touchless technology isn’t a new invention. In fact, it’s probably been around a lot longer than you might think. Gesture sensors and voice recognition have been widely used since the late 1980s, along with automatic faucets and soap dispensers. Nowadays though, touchless technology is more sophisticated than ever. Going touchless refers to how you experience and interact with touchless technology on a daily basis. Examples include using your phone to voice record a message, walking through an automatic door, or scanning a QR code. Touchless technology provides a safe and hygienic way to get around life’s daily tasks. The same goes for the workplace. With touchless technology, you can optimize your visitor sign-in process. Guests can pre-register on their phone, tablet, or computer before their arrival. They can then scan a QR code in your lobby and meet their host in no time.

How can a touchless sign-in process benefit you?

Creating a touchless experience for visitors shows that you’ve thought about the onsite experience. A touchless sign-in process can provide a host of benefits. Let’s walk through a few.

Save you time when visitors come onsite. There’s often a lot of info you’ll need to collect from visitors when they arrive onsite. Instead of asking for this information during sign-in, you can collect essential information about your guest before their arrival. This gives you time to check the information and take care of any additional actions.

Reduce hassle and burden for the visitor. For example, visitors or candidates might need to bring in documents such as their passport for you to scan. By doing this before their visit, it removes any hassle or delay of folks forgetting anything.

Ensure you have all the right information to help protect everyone. This is particularly true following Covid-19, where many organizations are still operating under safety precautions such as vaccine verification and health checks. Having time to check visitors’ information before their arrival helps protect everyone in your space and keeps the sign-in process smooth and efficient.

Create a great first impression. Visitors who experience a seamless, touchless sign-in experience with you will likely remember your organization as being better than many other buildings they’ve visited. Whether it’s clients, candidates, or simply delivery personnel, it’s always a plus when you can impress your visitors and improve your reputation as a forward-thinking organization.

How to make your sign-in process seamless and (nearly) touch-free

There are probably more points of friction in your visitor experience than you realize. And while you may not be able to remove every need to touch a screen, you can certainly prepare for all the ways to make your visitor experience seamless and (nearly) touch-free. Here are some tips:

  1. Make finding and reaching your office easy. Take some mental load off of your guests by sharing a link to directions to your office in the invite. Be sure to include any critical information on things like parking and transportation.
  2. Give guests access to your office. Your office may already have security checkpoints in place to make sure only expected visitors reach your lobby. This might be a security guard, locked elevator, or gate in your parking lot. Consider using an access control system like Kisi, which allows guests to navigate through each checkpoint with ease by providing a QR code or mobile-based access key.
  3. Ensure visitors complete registration before their arrival. If you need visitors to sign any documents or take their photo, give them the opportunity to do so in advance. This way, all they have to do is scan a QR code when they reach your lobby. No signing a logbook or tapping an iPad. Guests can also submit their vaccine card and any other health information before their arrival, too.
  4. Print badges on command. Rather than handwriting badges, put a print on your front desk next to your sign-in system. When visitors sign-in, their badge can print instantly. This cuts down on sign-in time significantly.
  5. Notify employees of visitor’s arrival. Instead of picking up the phone or running to someone’s desk, opt for a sign-in system that notifies your employees when their visitor arrives. Notifications can be via SMS or through a tool like Slack or Teams. That way, folks can get the message even if they’re not at their desk.


Creating a touchless sign-in process is key for a great visitor experience. With some prep work, you can turn a bland, outdated sign-in experience into one your guests will remember.Ready to revamp your visitor experience? Take a look at Envoy Visitors for more information on key features, integrations, and free trials.

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