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A healthy workplace is a safe workplace

Use Envoy to create a touchless sign-in process for anyone coming through your front door to keep your team healthy and greet guests with care.

Illustration of the sign in screen on a mobile phone and the Envoy Visitors sign-in kiosk in the background
Illustration of an invite sent to a visitor prompting them to pre-register

Get essential info before anyone comes on-site

Pre-register anyone coming into your office to gather important info, make sure they’re safe to enter, and give them what they need to feel comfortable in your workplace.

Illustration of the Envoy Dashboard showing the ability to sign a visitor in manually

Check people in without spreading germs

Have employees and visitors use their mobile phone to sign-in or check them in straight from the Envoy Dashboard to keep them from needing to touch anything in your space.

Illustration of a visitors badge and a notification getting sent to a host that their visitor has arrived

Easily print badges and notify hosts

Put your badge printer in a place that’s accessible to guests and notify hosts of their visitors automatically, so no one is left waiting in your lobby.

Integrate with your other tools to make your workplace even more touchless

Connect Envoy with your wifi or access control providers like Aruba or OpenPath so guests can get online and easily open doors without needing your help.

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Looking for more ways to keep your workplace safe amidst a pandemic?

We’ve got you covered. See our resources on creating a workplace that works, no matter the situation:

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Reopen your office with confidence with Envoy Protect beta

Power your team’s safe return to work with employee registration, touchless sign-in, wellness checks, capacity management, and more workplace safety tools.

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The workplace leader’s guide to touchless technology

Until recently, we didn’t think twice about touching door handles, elevator buttons, or sign-in kiosks on our way to work. But the world’s changed and workplace leaders are looking to touchless technology.

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Touchless sign-in one page overview

Need more info on how to use Envoy to create a touchless sign-in process? This guide can help.

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