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Nov 12, 2023

5 tips from a solutions engineer on how to make the most of your workplace platform

This pandemic has completely altered the way we work. After spending a year working from home, many people want their companies to offer flexible working options.
Lynette Cohen
Solutions Engineer
5 tips from a solutions engineer on how to make the most of your workplace platform

This pandemic has completely altered the way we work. After spending a year working from home, many people want their companies to offer flexible working options. In fact, 41% of employees say they’d take a job with a lower salary if the company offered a hybrid work environment. Employers risk losing their employees if they don’t adapt, but many companies don’t know how to operate a hybrid work model. As a solution engineer at Envoy, my role is to help thousands of customers set up their workplaces with the right technology for hybrid work. I show them how they can leverage Envoy's hybrid work software to make hybrid work easy for their admins and employees. In this post, I’ll go over how Envoy’s products and features can support your people in a hybrid workplace.

1 - Keep your workplace healthy and safe with Envoy Protect

In a hybrid work model, managing who’s entering the workplace can be difficult. Employees often have different working patterns and manually keeping track of their schedules can be exhausting. Because of this, it’s nearly impossible to ensure that people coming through your doors are healthy and safe to be on-site.With Envoy Protect, you’ll always know who’s coming into the workplace. You can confirm that they’re healthy by having them complete a daily health check. If someone who was on-site reports being sick, you can use your sign-in data to identify employees with whom they may have come into contact. You can also enforce capacity limits to prevent your workplace from overcrowding and ensure you stay compliant with local safety regulations. Pro tip: Connect Envoy to your access control system to enable—or disable—an employee’s access to the workplace based on their health check responses.

2 - Manage your space with confidence with Envoy Desks

Today’s hybrid workforce wants the flexibility to choose where and how they work on-site. For some, this means doing heads-down work at a desk they reserved in a quiet part of the workplace. And for others, it means finding space next to their teammates to collaborate. Envoy Desks automates the desk booking process. (No more manual seating charts!) Populate an easy-to-use template to designate which desks are available to book, unavailable, or permanently assigned. You can also create “neighborhoods,” which allows you to seat teams or cohorts together while being mindful of the available space per team. Then, analyze your data to see patterns in desks usage so you can optimize your layout to support employees.Pro tip: Help your employees navigate your workplace by uploading a high-quality floor map. Employees will be able to see exactly where their desk for the day is located.

3 - Cultivate collaboration between on-site and remote employees with Envoy Rooms

Meetings are an essential part of the workday. In a hybrid work environment, your employees need to be able to book meeting rooms with ease to collaborate efficiently with remote coworkers. With Envoy's room scheduling software, Envoy Rooms, your employees can easily reserve a space for both ad hoc and planned meetings. Connect Envoy to your Google or Outlook calendar to display a room’s upcoming schedule. Employees can use these displays to book an open room on the spot. With the Envoy app, employees can find and book the nearest room based on their location in the workplace.Pro tip: Take advantage of the space-saving check-in feature. It’ll prompt employees to check into their meeting room to ensure the room is actually getting used. If no one checks in, the room will be released to free up space for those who need it.

4 - Welcome visitors to your workplace with ease with Envoy Visitors

It’s important to create a great first impression in a hybrid workplace. This may be the first experience that visitors have with your company. It should be a good one!Envoy Visitors helps you wow your guests as soon as they enter your workplace. With Envoy, people are greeted by an iPad kiosk with a slick welcome screen inviting them to sign in. You can customize your welcome screen to showcase your company’s branding by adding your logo or even a slideshow.You can create multiple custom sign-in flows to capture the right information from different visitor types—including important health questions to ensure everyone is safe while they’re in the building. Need to print badges for interview candidates but not for vendors? No problem. Envoy also enables you to create custom badges with ease.Have your employees invite their guests in advance so you always know who is going to be on-site. Employees can pre-register their guests to ensure a speedy check-in process. Once a visitor signs in on arrival, Envoy will send the host a notification via email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, or whichever notification system your team uses. Pro tip: Be sure to enable touchless sign-in. This allows visitors to scan a QR code on the welcome screen to sign in without having to touch any shared surfaces.

5 - Streamline your mailroom management with Envoy Deliveries

With employees working in and out of the workplace, mailroom management can be difficult. Packages can easily pile up, get lost, and end up in the wrong hands. Envoy's mailroom management software, Envoy Deliveries, helps to streamline and safeguard incoming deliveries. When a delivery arrives in the workplace, you can snap a photo of the name or barcode using the Envoy app. The recipient will receive a notification that their package is ready for pick up. If the employee isn’t on-site, they can arrange to get their package when they’re next in the workplace.Pro tip: Protect package theft and prevent mail mixups. Be sure to require a signature or picture at pickup. If a delivery goes missing, you can see if it ever arrived or if someone else picked it up.—With hybrid work comes a lot of changes to the workplace. With the right tools, you can ensure the transition to this flexible style of work is smooth and manageable so your people can thrive. Over the last year, I’ve talked to hundreds of customers managing their return to the hybrid workplace and I've learned that there's no one right way to do it. That's why Envoy's team of solutions engineers (like myself) and our support team has your back along the way.

Ready to build a workplace that meets your team’s flexible work needs? Sign up today and use this step-by-step guide to make the most of your trial.

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Lynette Cohen
Lynette Cohen

Lynette Cohen is a Solutions Engineer at Envoy and is passionate about solving problems for customers. With a degree in Industrial Engineering, finding unique ways to streamline processes is her forte.

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