Unlimited visitors. One solution.

Unlimited visitors. One solution.

Envoy Visitors has features that work for your workplace—from sign-in to security, compliance, and beyond.

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Modern and customizable icon Modern and customizable

Upgrade from the predictable paper and pen to bring a more polished, professional look to your lobby.

  • Wow guests with modern sign-in
  • Keep the lobby clutter free
  • Create a welcoming experience for every visitor
  • Free up your team to connect with each guest
  • Show off your custom logo and colors
  • Choose from 23 languages

flow icon Sign-in flow

Envoy sign-in flows are completely customizable, so you'll always record exactly what you need for each visitor.

  • Sign in unlimited visitors
  • Recognize returning and expected visitors
  • Create custom fields and questions
  • Capture guest photos
  • Have visitors sign legal documents
  • Show a custom message, video, or image
  • Customize sign-in flows for different visitor types
  • Create conditional questions

Visitor management

Visitor dashboard icon Visitor dashboard

When guests sign in, your digital visitor log updates in real time. Monitor it daily, or know its there when you need it.

  • Instantly access records for every visitor
  • Choose which details you need at a glance
  • Sort, filter, and export visitor details with a click
  • Easily see every guest’s previous visits
  • View analytics to reveal visitor trends
  • Sign in VIP visitors from the dashboard
Legal documents icon Legal documents

Ensure that your ideas and IP stay protected when visitors sign legal documents during sign-in.

  • Customize documents per visitor type
  • Allow visitors to sign documents before they arrive
  • Prompt guests to re-sign documents after a number of days
  • Automatically store and easily retrieve signed documents
Visitor badges icon Visitor badges

Badges help with onsite security, and they can be customized to meet unique compliance needs.

  • Customize badges per visitor type
  • Edit your badge designs
  • Include any visitor information on the badge
  • Preprint and reprint badges anytime
  • Use expiring badges for extra security
  • Create custom, color badges with your logo
Notifications icon Notifications

No matter where you are, automatic notifications keep you informed about what’s going on in your lobby.

  • Automatically notify employees when their visitors arrive
  • Add custom details to host notifications
  • Assign assistants to receive notifications for executives
  • Send security alerts when unwanted visitors attempt to sign in
  • Alert specific contacts when VIPs arrive
  • Notify administrators about unattended visitors
Registration icon Registration

Registration helps your team know who to expect, sends arrival information to guests, and speeds up sign-in.

  • Create a list of expected visitors
  • Send invite emails with helpful custom details
  • Let guests provide sign-in details before they arrive
  • Speed up sign-in when visitors arrive
  • Customize your invitation email templates

Group sign-in icon Group sign-in

Large groups can slow down the registration process, but smart features streamline sign-in for everyone.

  • Allow visitors to sign-in with “plus ones”
  • Register and send invite emails to multiple guests at once
  • Pair extra iPads to create more sign-in kiosks
  • Skip the iPad all together, and sign in groups from the dashboard

Sign-out icon Sign-out

Sign-out details provide a picture of who’s on site, which is helpful for compliance and emergency preparedness.

  • Allow visitors to sign out using the iPad kiosk
  • Sign out visitors directly from the dashboard
  • Empower employees to sign out their guests
  • Automatically sign out all visitors at midnight
  • Sign out visitors from the Envoy Mobile app
Envoy mobile app icon Envoy mobile app

Envoy Mobile gives you easy access to information about your visitors, invites, personal sign-ins and more.

  • Manage visitor details, invites, and more
  • Empower employees to manage their visitors
  • Give on-the-go access to administrators
  • Sign in faster when you visit other offices

Security and compliance

Visitor records icon Visitor records

If regulations require that you keep detailed visitor records, Envoy can you help you with foolproof recordkeeping.

  • Visitor log is always up to date
  • Easy to access in emergency or evacuation
  • Include ID checks in visitor records
  • Export detailed visitor logs with one click
Onsite security icon Onsite security

The front desk is your first line of defense when it comes to protecting your team and property.

  • Print badges to identify authorized visitors
  • Add visitor photos to each digital record
  • Notify security when unauthorized visitors attempt to sign in
  • Scan IDs and record when IDs are checked
  • Invite visitors to create a list of authorized guests
  • Hosts can approve unexpected visitors
Data security icon Data security

Have peace of mind knowing that Envoy meets the highest standards for security, privacy, and reliability.

  • Protect your IP with digital legal documents
  • Automatically provision access to the guest Wi-Fi network
  • Keep guests from seeing other visitors’ details
  • Support your GDPR compliance efforts
  • Allow visitors to decline data collection
  • Rely on Envoy’s secure data infrastructure
  • Manage your team’s access with role-based administration

Account management

User permissions icon User permissions

Provide the right level of Envoy access to employees and specified account administrators.

  • Provision the right access for administrators
  • Let employees manage their personal visitors
  • Assign assistants to greet executives’ guests

Directory management icon Directory management

Employees in the directory can receive visitors, create invites, and more.

  • Manage your directory from the dashboard
  • Automatically sync employees or upload a CSV to your directory
  • Manually add employees to any directory
Multi-location management icon Multi-location management

Whether you've just added a second office or are part of a large enterprise, Envoy supports your multi-location needs.

  • Manage one account versus multiple
  • Easily switch between locations
  • See visitors, analytics, and devices across locations in one view
  • Organize locations by group
  • Keep tabs on setting changes at any location
  • Keep billing on a unified cycle
  • Easily add new locations
  • Copy settings to new locations
  • Manage sign-in flows globally from one place
Cloud-based solution icon Cloud-based solution

Keeping everything in the cloud makes Envoy easy to setup and maintain—so it's one less thing to worry about.

  • Easy setup and deployment
  • No proprietary on-prem hardware
  • Keep maintenance to a minimum
  • Instantly access new features


Directory icon Directory

Keep employee details up to date by syncing them right to your directory.

  • Active Directory
  • G Suite
  • Okta
  • One Login
  • Centrify
  • Microsoft Azure AD
  • SAML
  • Rippling
Notifications icon Notifications

When visitors arrive, notify employees using your preferred notification methods.

  • Slack
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Skype for Business
  • Cisco Webex Teams
  • Office 365 Groups
  • Salesforce Chatter
  • Workplace by Facebook
  • RingCentral Glip
File sharing icon File sharing

Automatically file all signed legal documents to the file sharing platform of your choice.

  • Box
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Egnyte
  • OneDrive
  • DocuSign
Wi-Fi icon Wi-Fi

When visitors sign in, the right Wi-Fi credentials get provisioned automatically.

  • Cisco Meraki
  • Cisco ISE
  • Aruba
  • ExtremeCloud IQ
  • Mist
  • Ruckus
  • Ubiquiti Unifi
Sales & marketing icon Sales & marketing

Save time by automatically updating sales records, email lists, and event details.

  • Salesforce
  • MailChimp
  • Eventbrite
HR & recruiting icon HR & recruiting

Automatically create invites through Envoy as you schedule interviews.

  • Goodtime
  • Greenhouse
Access control icon Access control

Maintain one source of truth for security when you sync Envoy with your existing system.

  • S2 Security
  • Avigilon
  • Angus Anywhere
  • Braxos
  • Brivo Onair
  • C-Cure 9000
  • Genetec Security Center
  • Kisi
  • Lenel
  • Honeywell
  • Openpath
  • Proxy
  • Swiftlane
Health and Safety icon Health and Safety

Protect the health and safety of everyone who enters your workplace.

  • Athena
  • Density
  • Everbridge
  • FLIR
  • Send Word Now
  • Visual Compliance
DIY integrations icon DIY integrations

Need more flexibility? Create custom integrations and workflows to meet your needs.

  • Envoy API
  • Zapier
  • Webhooks