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If your front desk is always busy, you know that the little moments can add up to a lengthy sign-in process: a minute for visitors to sign your logbook, another to write their name tag, a few more to read and sign your NDA. On top of that, guests wait while your reception team tracks down the person they’re visiting.

When you’re focusing on the process, it hardly leaves time to connect with the visitor and provide a warm welcome. Envoy lets you put paperwork in the past. Your visitors simply sign in on the iPad, and we take care of the rest—from NDA signing and badge printing, to alerting employees when their visitors arrive.

Robust visitor sign-in features

A better first impression

When you use an iPad instead of a paper book or old-school kiosk system, the instant wow factor leaves visitors with a modern first impression.

Unlimited visitor sign-in

With no cap on the number of visitors you can sign in, Envoy will work for your office whether you have one or hundreds of visitors per day.

Custom sign-in fields

Sign-in fields are fully customizable to meet your needs. Keep it simple to only capture name and email, or add in fields to collect your guests’ company name or purpose of visit. Just add and edit sign-in fields as needed.


Envoy caters to customers all around the world, so we’ve made it easy to display your iPad in one of our 17 supported languages.

NDA signing

Ensure that your NDA or waiver gets signed by incorporating it directly into your iPad sign-in process. Since all signatures are digital, they’re stored automatically to make record keeping a breeze.

Visitor photos

If you’d like to capture a photo of each visitor, the iPad’s front facing camera can do so automatically during sign-in. Visitor photos are displayed on your dashboard, in host notifications, and if you choose, on the visitor’s badge.

Quick badge printing

Envoy can automatically print detailed visitor badges when guests sign in, so you’ll know right away if they’re welcome in your building.

Instant host notifications

Envoy automatically notifies your employees when their visitors arrive. Host notifications can be sent via email, SMS (text message), Slack, HipChat and more. Plus, each employee can customize their own preferred notification methods.

Sign out

Capturing sign-out times can help you create an accurate picture of who’s in the building. Visitors can be signed out from the dashboard, or they can sign themselves out directly on the iPad.

“We used to keep track of check-ins with a printed-out spreadsheet. We had no insight into what was going on and the receptionist was constantly running back and forth to check. Now she can spend time on more important tasks and still be confident that our members are getting the help they need as quickly as possible.”

—Valerie Ives, Branch Manager, Campus Center, USC Credit Union

Pre-registration simplifies sign-in


When you invite visitors in advance, sign-in gets even easier. Send visitors a custom invite with their meeting details, your address and a map, and custom arrival instructions—all in one easy step. And since your team knows who to expect, you’ll always be prepared for VIP guests and authorized visitors.

Visitors can pre-register

Visitors that receive your invite email can provide their sign-in details and sign your NDA all before they arrive. This ensures that your guests have plenty of time to read and review your important documents before signing.

Details appear automatically

When an invited visitor types their name on the iPad, Envoy will automatically populate their sign-in details. And if a visitor has already signed your legal document, they’ll simply skip the NDA step for an even faster sign-in experience.

Recurring visitors

When a guest signs in, Envoy will “remember” if they have visited you before. If they have, Envoy will automatically populate their sign-in fields. You can save returning visitors even more time by choosing to use the NDA and photo on file from their previous visit, too.

Visitor types

The Envoy visitor types feature is perfect if you need to customize the sign-in experience based on a guest’s purpose of visit. When you create multiple visitor types, you can present different sign-in fields or a different NDA, configure photo taking, badge printing and more.

Plus one sign-in

Envoy’s plus one sign-in feature allows your visitors to sign in with unlimited number of additional unspecified guests. This feature is perfect for large groups or tours, since one visitor will sign in on behalf of a larger group.

Group sign-in

When you’re preparing to host a large meeting or event, pre-registration can be a huge help. Invite all of your attendees with pre-registration, and when they arrive, simply select and sign in visitors from the invites dashboard. These guests can skip the iPad all together, but you’ll still have chance to print badges and send host notifications.

VIP sign-in

From time to time, you may have VIP visitors that need to skip signing in on the iPad. For VIPs, you can manually create new visitor entries right from the dashboard, and you’ll have the option to print a badge and send a host notification.

Easy-to-access visitor data

Real-time dashboard

When a visitor signs in, their entry details appear on the web dashboard. Since Envoy is cloud based, this dashboard can be viewed from any computer or mobile device—no matter how near or far you are from the iPad. And with Envoy’s role-based administration, you can grant the right Envoy access to the right team members.

Exports & compliance

Whether you need to compile complex reports for audits and compliance or if you just want to have a complete record of your visitors, Envoy has you covered. With just one click, you can export visitors by day or date range, or export your full visitor history.

Analytics dashboard

Our built-in analytics dashboard displays live updates for your most important visitor stats. Easily check all-time analytics to see your total number of visitors and invites, or dig deeper into a specific date range for insights on your busiest day of the week or time of day.

Employee access

Each employee in your directory can log into their personal dashboard to manage their visitors, invites and notification preferences. or the Envoy Passport mobile app. They can take advantage of these features on mobile too, with the Envoy Passport app for iPhone or Android.

Data storage

Your data is yours. Envoy will never sell your data or contact your visitors or employees without permission. We’ll store your data as long as you have an Envoy plan and only purge data upon explicit request. If you choose to end your subscription, Envoy will retain your data for 30 days.

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