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Space management tips to help your people thrive in a hybrid workplace

Hybrid work has changed how people use the workplace. Not only are employees on-site less often, they’re more intentional about how they spend their time when they are there. People want to use the workplace to collaborate, meet up with work friends, and use on-site resources. To build a place your employees want to be, you need to adapt your company’s physical space. 

Floor plan with some improvements to the workplace to be better suited for hybrid work. These changes include: Moveable partitions, social distancing, snack stations, and screens in common areas

In today’s flexible workplaces, increasing space efficiency and usage is a must. Poorly managed space can lead to overcrowding, noisiness, and not providing the support employees need. On the flip side, it can also bring about empty-feeling work environments if people are too spread apart. Worst of all, it can hinder employee productivity and cause people to avoid coming into the workplace altogether.

So how do you provide a workplace that’s efficient, flexible, and a joy to be at? It starts with space management.

In this ebook, you’ll learn


How hybrid work has changed the physical workplace


Actionable tips for understanding how people use your space


How you can optimize your space to support employee productivity and happiness