Create a workplace where people want to be

Empower your team to do their best work by designing a workplace that makes life easier and adds a little wow to the workday.

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Illustration of a multi-floor office with employees receiving different kinds of Envoy notifications.
HEAlth & safety

Provide peace of mind

Protect the health and safety of everyone who enters your workplace, so their time there is worry-free.

Illustration of an employee sitting in a yoga pose on a desk, UI snippet in the background showing occupancy levels are under capacity.

Keep germs out

Confirm that anyone who enters your workplace is low-risk for COVID with a health check and touchless sign-in.

Prioritize safety

Show employees and guests that you take their safety seriously with a polished, standardized screening process.

Regulate density

Make it easy to keep a safe distance by enforcing capacity limits and spacing out bookable desks.

Illustration of an employee listening to music at their desk with a UI snippet in the background showing a nearby interview space is available.

Reduce daily distractions

Simplify the logistics of daily life in the workplace so employees can focus on the work that matters.


Customers say that Envoy creates a positive experience for their employees.

Everything in one place

Employees can share schedules, take your health check, and even book desks and rooms—all in one flow, all in one place.

Find a place to meet fast

Create more space by auto-releasing unused rooms, and make them easy to find with color-coded room displays.

Stay on top of building safety and compliance

Give employees peace of mind that their visitors and deliveries will be welcomed and handled with care when they arrive.

self-service tools

Put the power in their hands

Empower employees and guests to help themselves and keep work moving with self-service tools.

Illustration of an employee sitting in a yoga pose on a desk, UI snippet in the background showing occupancy levels are under capacity.

Book a room or desk on demand

Find an available meeting room or desk nearby and book it instantly from a room display or with the Envoy mobile app.

Welcome guests

Visitors sign themselves in on the iPad which notifies their host to come greet them.

Pick up a package

Employees can sign for a package and mark it as picked up with the Deliveries kiosk or Envoy mobile app.

Open doors, file requests, and more

Connect to out-of-the-box integrations or use the Envoy API to put even more control in employees’ hands.

Illustration of a person reviewing desk usage by floor on a tablet, UI snippet in the background.

Design a better workplace with data

Gain insight into foot traffic and how employees' use your space, so you can anticipate their needs.

Rightsize staffing and amenities

Know how many people plan to come in, so you can be sure to have enough support staff and coffee on hand.

Optimize your office layout

Find out which meeting rooms and desks people book most to inform how many and which types of space you make available.

Avoid package pile ups

Keep your lobby clutter-free with insight into how delivery volume fluctuates.

Connect to the tools that power your workplace–wherever that may be

From team messaging platforms to calendars, Envoy connects with the tools employees rely on to keep work moving.

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Avigilon Alta formerly Openpath

Automatically distribute credentials and log visitor activity.

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Automate your food program by syncing real-time employee, visitor and location capacity.

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Google Chat

Automatically send notifications to a google chat room for every Envoy update.

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Empower your guests with automatically issued Kisi access.

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Microsoft Outlook

Invite visitors in Envoy without leaving Outlook.

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Microsoft Teams

Automatically notify employees through a Teams message for every Envoy update.

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Schedule to come into the office, book desks, and invite visitors through Envoy without leaving Slack.

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Create a meeting invite through Envoy using the Gmail add-in.

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