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Visitor badges: The quick guide to security, brand, and custom designs

See how visitor badges enhance workplace security and boost your company brand.

Marisa Krystian
By Marisa Krystian Content Marketer

Every organization, large or small, needs to ensure that they are doing all they can to monitor building access. This is why visitor management solutions are becoming more and more popular for companies who want to protect their physical space, the people in their building, and the information stored within their four walls. What you may not realize is the importance of printed visitor badges—an often overlooked but key part of your security strategy.

Visitor badges also give guests an identity in your space, which creates a nice experience for your visitors. Once a visitor is greeted warmly by your front desk staff, they will approach the iPad and quickly input their information, then a visitor badge is printed. These badges contain necessary information like their name, date, time, visitor status, Wi-Fi credentials, and legal document signing status. This makes your office look professional while making your visitors feel welcome and taken care of. 

Visitor badges are a crucial part of any successful workplace security strategy. Let’s go over why badges are important, how you can use them to enhance security and safety (without sacrificing customer experience), and how you can customize visitor badges to provide an amazing experience for your guests.

Visitor badges: beyond the nametag

At their core, visitor badges — also commonly referred to as security badges — are more than a form of identification. They provide an instant ID check for employees. If a person doesn’t have a badge or their badge has expired, the staff knows to take immediate action.

You can include multiple additional pieces of information on your visitor badges, making them a far cry from the red and white Sharpie-smudged stickers we are used to. Now badges can include photos of the visitor, indicate whether or not they’ve signed an NDA or safety waiver, and show whether or not that guest has a ‘plus one’ on the premises. They can also determine which parts of your space they have access to depending on their visitor type or other visible signals you choose to add.

To keep guests from overstaying their welcome, visitor badge printing solutions can prominently show your logo and visitor information on a blank label that has an expiration date. After 24 hours, the word ‘void’ will appear in red to indicate that the badge is no longer authorized.

How to easily create custom visitor badges

Envoy Visitors helps you streamline the visitor management processes so your guests have the chance to become fully immersed in, and impressed, by your brand. Envoy offers flexible, customizable badge options, meaning you have full control over the visitor experience.

It’s easy to select your fonts, colors, messages, sign-in details, logo, badge orientation, and more. Simply send us your badge request and we’ll print a set of security badges designed to match your company branding. Let’s go over the process in a bit more detail:

  • Choose your badge style
    • Plain white – Badges arrive blank. Your logo and visitor information print in black when visitors sign in.
    • Custom full color – Badges arrive with your logo printed in color on each badge. Visitor information prints in black when visitors sign in. You can design your own or pick from a selection of classic designs.
    • Expiring plain white – Badges arrive blank. Your logo and visitor information print in black when visitors sign in. Then, affix an expiring sticker to the back of the badge. The ‘void’ design appears after 24 hours.
  • Order a Brother Printer for badge printing
  • Fill in order details
    • How many do you want?
    • What is your company name?
    • What is your phone number?

Once your custom badges arrive, load them into your badge printer and you’re ready to greet your next visitor. If you’re not a fan of adhesive badges, we suggest utilizing lanyards that work with most standard badge holders.

Putting it into practice

Visitor badges are more than old-school nametags; they’re an essential component of any workplace security strategy, offering instant verification that a person in your workplace is authorized and welcome. Printing badges automatically is also a time-saver for your front desk team, who no longer need to hand-write badges for each and every guest.

In addition to enhancing security, custom-printed badges help maintain your company’s image and boost branding efforts. When a visitor is handed a printed badge, you have the opportunity to show them exactly what your company brand is about.

If you’re interested in seeing how easy it is to incorporate visitor badges into your sign-in flow, sign up for a free trial of Envoy Visitors.

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