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4 ways a workplace platform helps pharma and biotech companies stay compliant

By streamlining sign-in processes and ensuring proper documentation, you can navigate the compliance like a pro.

Tiffany Fowell
By Tiffany Fowell Content Marketing Manager

For pharmaceutical and biotech companies, remaining compliant helps maintain a positive reputation, avoid costly fines, and minimize legal risks. That’s why it should come as no surprise that these organizations take staying on top of compliance very seriously. 

If you oversee the facilities at one of these companies, you’ve probably felt the stress of ensuring that every aspect of operations aligns with stringent safety and compliance requirements. Doing this work manually is not only challenging, but it also leaves your organization at risk. The good news is, a workplace management platform can help you conquer compliance and be ready to pass your next audit with flying colors. In this blog post, we’ll break down four ways this technology can help. Let’s get started.

1. Effortlessly prepare for audits

You might be used to sifting through piles of sign-in records or spending hours finding a digital trail of a sign-in. That process is stressful and time-consuming. A workplace platform does the work for you by storing visitor information digitally in a real-time log of past, current, and upcoming visitors. Access to workplace analytics ensures efficient record-keeping and enables easy retrieval of visitor information for audits, security protocols, and on-premise visitor controls. When an audit comes around, you can effortlessly find and present the required visitor information, eliminating the need to search through piles of paperwork or manually sift through records. 

2. Maintain records of cleaning and sanitization schedules 

Finally, your workplace platform can help ensure your facilities meet compliance requirements related to cleaning and sanitization. How? Your platform will store information about when your cleaning crews were onsite down to the minute. If you have to present proof of your sanitation schedule, you can easily pull up a report by visitor type. These records come in handy when it comes time for an audit or inspection.

3. Ask visitors for consent before storing their data

A key part of maintaining a compliant environment is being clear about your data collection process, especially when it comes to visitors. With a workplace platform, you can respect visitor privacy and comply with data protection regulations, promoting a secure and trustworthy environment for everyone who visits. 

Your visitors can opt-out of data storage when they sign in. You can also display your data policies directly within the sign-in flow, so every visitor understands how their data will be used. If they don’t consent to data collection, you can offer them an alternative way to sign in. 

You can also ensure that only designated administrators have access to view and manage visitor data. This safeguards sensitive information, maintains confidentiality, and reinforces your company’s commitment to maintaining high data privacy and security standards.

4. Customize sign-in for every visitor type

Auditors, safety inspectors, vendors, cleaners, and job candidates are all common types of visitors of pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Each visitor type might need different information or to submit unique documentation before their visit. With a workplace platform, you can send specific notes and collect the information you need from each visitor type by creating custom pre-registration and sign-in flows. That might include contracts, legal documents, health attestations, or other relevant forms specific to their visit purpose. You can even send over safety videos for visitors to watch, so visitors can familiarize themselves with your safety protocols before coming onsite.

Just thinking about a surprise compliance audit can add stress to your day. But with the help of a workplace platform, it doesn’t have to. By streamlining sign-in processes and ensuring proper documentation, you can navigate the complexities of compliance like a pro—leaving no room for compliance conundrums or regulatory headaches.

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