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4 office security measures that will help keep your firm safe

To keep your people and offices safe, you need to have the right measures in place. In this post, we’ll show you how to level up your firm’s security.
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4 office security measures that will help keep your firm safe

Law offices, consulting agencies, and accounting firms have one thing in common: they host clients onsite on a regular basis. With so many new and unfamiliar faces coming through the door each week, it can be difficult as a security leader to know who should and shouldn’t be in the office. It’s even more challenging if you oversee multiple locations that have unique security requirements and vulnerabilities. To keep your people and offices safe, it’s important to have the right security measures in place. In this post, we’ll cover four ways you can level up your firm’s security across offices. We’ll walk you through why each security measure is important and how it’ll help save your team time and effort.

1. Guest pre-registration

Enable your guests to pre-register to come into the office using a visitor management system. This will allow you to see who’s expected to be onsite on any given day, their arrival time, host, and the reason for their visit. With this information, you can plan your security measures appropriately. For example, you might want to increase your front desk security if a high-profile client is expected in the office, or on days when you expect more clients onsite than usual.


2. Access control

Ensure only authorized guests can enter the workplace using an access control system. This will enable your team to verify the identity of every guest. If someone appears on internal or third-party block lists, your team can take the appropriate action. You’ll also be able to assign an access badge to each guest, making it easy for your team and employees to see whether someone is approved to be onsite. If your access control system connects to your workplace platform, your team will be notified when an unwelcome guest arrives. When someone is not approved to be onsite, your team will immediately receive an alert via email, SMS, or Slack. You’ll also see why that guest is not welcome in the office so they can act quickly. If you oversee security measures across multiple offices, access control will enable you to manage guest registration at an organization-level to meet corporate standards. You’ll also be able to customize who has access to each of your locations so you adhere to regional requirements.

3. Mailroom security

Ensure every package sent to your office makes it safely to the recipient using mailroom management software. This will enable you to maintain accurate delivery records to help keep track of every package that enters the office. Say one of your employees is expecting important paperwork to be delivered to the office. Once someone onsite signs for it, the recipient will receive a notification letting them know their package was delivered securely and they can pick it up promptly.

4. Real-time data on guest foot traffic

Know who’s visiting each of your offices at any moment using workplace occupancy data. This will enable your team to notify the right people in case of an emergency evacuation, or for compliance purposes. Also, if there’s a security breach, you can analyze your attendance records to see who was onsite.

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Finally, real-time data on guest traffic empowers you to make appropriate resourcing decisions. With access to guest and employee foot traffic data, you can see when each of your offices are busiest and staff your security and reception teams appropriately.—To keep your offices secure, you need to know who’s onsite at all times. If your firm hosts a lot of guests or if you oversee multiple offices, this can get complex fast. With the help of the right technology, you can ensure your offices are secure regardless of how many folks come through your doors. Plus, you’ll gain valuable insight into foot traffic trends so you can adjust your security measures to better protect your offices and everyone in them.

Bonus: pre-registration also makes for a more seamless arrival. It enables you to collect required documents before your guests’ arrival, so you can be sure everyone onsite has signed the necessary paperwork to be there.

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