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All-in-one workplace platform

Enhance your whole workplace experience on one workplace platform

Power the whole workplace

Power the whole workplace

Make the workplace experience seamless and productive. From the front desk to the mailroom, and every square foot in between, give each space an upgrade.
Collaborate in-person effortlessly

Collaborate in-person effortlessly

Empower your employees to coordinate when and where they collaborate onsite with an elegantly simple mobile app they’ll love to use.
Optimize space with analytics

Optimize space with analytics

See how your space and resources are used on one workplace analytics dashboard. Get the most ROI out of your space layouts based on real-time workplace data.
One open, flexible platform

One open, flexible platform

Manage the whole workplace on one convenient dashboard. Connect tools your company uses from Envoy’s marketplace of 100+ apps to automate your workplace.

Welcome people to connect in the workplace


Wow everyone coming into your workplace

Welcome guests and make them feel at ease with an elegantly simple check-in experience with Visitors. Know exactly who’s visiting, when, and why with instant document verification. Save time alerting hosts and printing badges with automated workflows.


Make collaborating in-person the obvious choice

Empower employees to coordinate schedules, navigate the workplace, and find coworkers, rooms, desks, and deliveries with Workplace. Get a timely, accurate view of workplace occupancy and space usage to make confident, cost-saving decisions that improve your space.

Create a thriving workplace where people collaborate


Make hybrid work with flexible hot desking

Give your employees the flexibility to book the perfect desk when they work onsite with Desks. Make it a breeze for them to reserve a desk with the right amenities, near their team, key collaborators, or work friends so they can have a productive day in the office.


Book a room for team work with just a few taps

Enable seamless in-person meetings with Rooms. Make it easy for employees to find, book, and check into meeting rooms directly on Envoy’s app, Google calendar, or the display by the door. Analyze your rooms usage to optimize your space and save on costs.

Make the whole workplace seamless on one connected platform

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Run a seamless workplace with integrations

Consolidate your workplace tools and automate the whole workplace on one connected platform. Select from a marketplace of over 100 apps readily available. Simplify the number of tools for you to manage and for your employees to learn.


Accurately measure your onsite policy

Manage attendance policies by being able to track registrations and no-shows, both on a historical and departmental basis. Achieve data accuracy through automatic employee check-ins via badge swipes or WiFi connections. Unlock the power of Envoy Workplace’s occupancy dashboard to identify and eliminate wasted space, optimize real estate expenses, and align catering and amenities with employee needs, resulting in substantial cost savings.


Automate the entire delivery process

Save the hassle of managing incoming packages with Deliveries. Cut the time to log deliveries and notify employees to seconds. Track all package activities on one convenient dashboard to ensure all incoming packages reach their rightful owners.


Streamline the visitor experience from A to Z

Welcome visitors into the main lobby with a smooth digital check-in that guides them up the elevator to the right suite. Get host notifications when visitors arrive at your building’s lobby with Connect, a visitor management platform designed for property owners.

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Envoy mobile

Equip your employees with a workplace app they'll love to use

Workplace platform app
All-in-one workplace app

All-in-one workplace app

Make it convenient for employees to get what they need in the workplace in one spot: desks, rooms, access entry, workplace ticketing, visitors and deliveries notifications, and more.
Build workplace community

Build workplace community

Empower each employee to build community at work by creating workplace groups, favoriting coworkers, and inviting teams to work together in person.
Interactive workplace map

Interactive workplace map

Enable employees to find the people and the space they need to get work done conveniently on an interactive workplace map.
Customizable branding

Customizable branding

Create a consistent brand experience by featuring your company’s logo and brand color in Envoy’s app.
Envoy workplace illustration

Integrate the tools you use to power your whole workplace

Envoy’s all-in-one workplace platform plugs and plays with the technologies your team uses. Find the tools you need and streamline your whole workplace today.

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