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Introducing interactive workplace maps: unifying the employee experience in one view

Jon Fan
By Jon Fan Chief Product Officer

To design a workplace where people want to be, leaders need to bring everyone together with intention, and enable employees to easily find what they need to be productive. Technology that enhances the employee experience can make all the difference in RTO plans and make the workplace a more community-oriented place.

Knowing where to go and who to meet helps people plan for productive days in the office. That’s why I’m excited to announce interactive workplace maps, which bring Rooms, Desks, Visitors, and Deliveries together in Envoy’s mobile app. Employees can use this interactive view to navigate the office and their day with ease. Book desks, discover available meeting rooms nearby, greet visitors, and know what packages need picking-up today–all directly from the map. 

A live view of available spaces and people onsite

Feature Spotlight: Interactive workplace maps

The future of work involves bringing people together with intention. It’s a focus on the physical workplace–but with a stronger people-centric vision. Workplace leaders are more responsible than ever to create environments where people can come onsite to connect and collaborate. 

Employees can leverage Envoy’s interactive workplace maps as a visual platform to:

  • Discover if coworkers are onsite and sit together
  • Find and book available meeting rooms in real time based on availability and capacity
  • Find and book available hot desks based on amenities and location
  • See where visitor areas are, invite guests to the office, and get notified when they arrive 
  • Get package notifications  and mark them as picked up

In the future, admins will also be able to label areas on the map such as kitchens, restrooms, and mothers’ rooms, to make the workplace more welcoming and inclusive to all. They’d also be able to designate points of interest, like the best place for a team photo in front of the company logo, the history plaque by the founder’s statue or the patio seating on the rooftop deck.

Customize your own interactive workplace map

Envoy's interactive workplace maps

Configuring your workplace map is straightforward. As an admin, you can easily place desks, visitor check-in spaces, and delivery areas on the map with a few clicks. Rooms of every shape can be drawn on the map and connected to their corresponding meeting space with Envoy Rooms.

Draw rooms in any shape or size on Envoy's interactive workplace maps

Read more about how to set up interactive workplace maps here.

Navigating the future of work

This is just the beginning for maps on the Envoy platform, as we continue improving space management and wayfinding for workplace leaders and their employees. Envoy’s interactive workplace maps will continue to become more customizable and extensible, from labeling map areas, to creating dynamic experiences. Envoy will integrate with other solutions, enabling people to reserve lockers, operate projectors and window blinds, and even open nearby doors from the map. The platform we’re building will unify and personalize the employee experience based on who’s viewing the map.

Workplace leaders will define what comes next when they bring people together to build stronger, more intentional communities at work. Envoy empowers companies to design connected and productive environments today and for the challenges that lie ahead.

Curious to know more about how Envoy’s interactive workplace maps can work for your company? Contact us!



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Jon Fan
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