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Foster a flexible, productive workplace experience with Envoy +

Looking for a workplace catering solution? + Envoy is a simple and elegant way to take workplace experience to the next level.

Helen Irias
By Helen Irias Product Marketer

As workplaces reopen, companies need to understand what motivates employees to come on-site and do their best work. Energetic, inspiring collaboration between coworkers doesn’t just happen. The same way a light bulb needs electricity, those “Aha” moments start with a spark.

Flexible hybrid schedules can be challenging to manage

The majority of people prefer a hybrid work model because of the flexibility it allows. However, hybrid also means a less consistent schedule structure. This makes it tricky for workplace managers to provide the amenities that employees expect from their workplace. When planning their days on-site, almost 20% of office workers consider lunch options. Yet office attendance can vary from day to day with a flexible work schedule set by employees. Manually figuring out how much food to order each day can take hours. Luckily, Envoy’s new integration with makes workplace meal delivery efficient and effortless. offers customized catering solutions for companies and distributed teams. Their integration with Envoy lets companies automatically order meals for whoever comes on-site each day. focuses on bringing flexibility and automation to the workplace. With this integration, companies can:

  • Confirm employee attendance before placing their meal order
  • Automatically calculate meal quantity based on confirmed on-site attendance
  • Cut costs and reduce waste by ordering the right amount of food each day

Catering that adapts to the people on-site each day

Now, workplace managers aren’t stuck figuring out how many mouths to feed each day. It’s all calculated behind the scenes with Envoy and Many companies also use Envoy Protect to verify employees’ health before allowing them on-site. Adding meal perks to the mix with the integration gives these heightened safety protocols a tasty incentive. The next phase of this integration will connect to Envoy Desks, linking employees’ orders to wherever they sit that day. Because hot-desking is even hotter with a hot meal.

Looking for a workplace catering solution? Not thrilled with the one you have? + Envoy is a simple and elegant way to take workplace experience to the next level. Envoy customers can get the integration set up within minutes for no extra charge, so go ahead, check it out for yourself.

Foster a positive, people-centric workplace experience

It’s not the building’s air conditioning or automatic bathroom faucets that get employees fired up for the day. It’s the details that show them their needs are heard, understood, and appreciated. Plus, it’s hard to foster a positive environment with a bunch of hangry employees snapping at each other.

Check out our ever-growing library of integrations to discover more ways Envoy can connect your workplace and delight everyone in it. And download our ebook on workplace tech to learn why a connected workplace is the best way forward.

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Helen Irias
Author Bio Helen Irias

Helen is a marketer at Envoy who loves helping customers create great experiences throughout the workplace and discover new features to make their lives easier. Outside of work, you can find Helen knitting oddly-sized blankets, going to hot yoga at the crack of dawn, or finding new hiking spots with her Frenchie.