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Announcing: 100 integrations and counting to build a more connected workplace

At Envoy, we want to make the workplace work better—but we can’t do it alone. Thank you to all of our technology partners and developers who have built over 100 integrations on Envoy’s platform. Here’s to 100 more!

Rachel Steinberg
By Rachel Steinberg Product Marketing Manager

Maintaining all of the technologies that keep your workplace running can be daunting. If your tools don’t work together, it not only impacts your own productivity, but it can have a negative impact on the workplace experience too. That’s why Envoy has always made it a priority to work with technology partners and developers to connect the workplace tech stack together. Today we’re excited to announce that with the help of technology partners and third-party developers, there are over 100 integrations available on Envoy’s workplace platform. 

With over 100 out of the box workplace solutions and one of the most robust app ecosystems in the market, customers can save time, be more efficient, and improve the workplace experience for everyone.

Bring your tech stack together with Envoy’s workplace platform

The truth of the matter is, workplace teams rely on too many disparate tools. Too many tools can negatively impact productivity, communication, and employee satisfaction. But it doesn’t end there.  Tool fatigue extends beyond your workplace and IT teams, it also places a burden on the employee experience. In our office lives, we are successful when we’ve correctly utilized the technology that helps us do our jobs. Providing your employees with the right tools often starts before they open their laptops or enter the office building. 

By using integrations to bring together your workplace tech stack, you create a more efficient workplace for everyone. Integrations reduce the need to switch between apps, help you automate workflows, and make it easier for workplace and IT teams to monitor all apps on one platform. With the right workplace platform, you can connect all of the tools you rely on into one centralized place. 

A day in the life at an integrated workplace

Let’s imagine a day in the life of an employee when you’ve integrated your workplace tech stack with Envoy. Now put yourself in their shoes…

You get to the office in the morning, check in on the Envoy app, and automatically you get building access right on your smartphone via an integration with Kisi or your other access control provider. The door unlocks and you make your way inside. You look up and wave at the Rhombus Systems smart camera, happy to know that your building is safe and secure thanks to these physical security integrations. 

You sit down at the desk you booked and get to work. Luckily your workplace manager added what amenities each workstation has so you could book a desk with the double monitors that you need to be productive. Decided to work from an open space that day? An integration with Butlr will automatically free up the desk for someone else to use based on thermal sensor occupancy data. 

You have an important meeting with some clients who are coming on-site, so you made sure to invite them through Envoy Visitors, which then automatically collects their signed NDA via DocuSign and stores it in Google Drive, Box, or whatever file storage tool your company uses. They were also sent the guest Wi-Fi access via a Meraki integration so they will be set as soon as they arrive.  

It’s lunch time and your visitors have arrived. You get a Slack notification right when they check in so you can greet them in the lobby. If you’re running late, you can let the front desk team know you’re on the way with a simple tap of a button in the Slack app. Thanks to the Cater2me integration, you’ve already ordered lunch when you registered for the workplace last week.

At the end of the day, as you walk out, all the lights turn off because you built a custom integration using Envoy’s developer platform to save energy when no one is in the building.

This isn’t just a day in the imagination of a day-dreaming workplace manager. This is how over 16,000 offices around the globe operate with Envoy. Currently, 67% of Envoy customers have integrations installed. That number is growing as companies look for more ways to improve the workplace experience for everyone.   

100+ integrations and not stopping anytime soon

From building security and access control, to communication, file storage, SSO, and beyond, Envoy’s integrations simplify the workplace experience for everyone. 

Explore all of the Envoy integrations in our integration directory. Search directly for the tools you already use, or view collections based on workplace needs, like the visitor experience or safety and security. Don’t see what you need? Learn how to build your own integration at the developer portal and join our growing list of technology partners and developers building the workplace of tomorrow, today.  

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Rachel Steinberg
Author Bio Rachel Steinberg

Rachel is a product and partner marketing manager at Envoy. She not only supports Envoy's technology partners, but also helps bring to market new app integrations. In her free time, Rachel teaches pilates and tries to be outdoors in nature as much as possible.