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Join the thousands of companies that use Envoy to create safe workplaces where employees can stay healthy and productive.

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Keep employees safe
at work

Envoy Protect helps you keep your team healthy and workplace safe with employee registration, touchless sign-in, health questionnaires, capacity management, and desk reservations.

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Say hello to a healthy, safe office

Envoy Visitors protects your visitors and guests with a touchless, modern, and secure sign-in. You save time, your organization feels safe. No trade offs required.

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Declutter your

Envoy Deliveries helps you manage the mailroom quickly, to keep work moving forward and packages safe. Never miss a package or a step in your to-do list.

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Book a room without breaking a sweat

Envoy Rooms makes it easy for anyone to book a meeting and gives you insights to manage your space and budget. It’s like air traffic control for your meeting rooms.

Steady like an enterprise.
Swift like a startup.

Solve workplace challenges faster with Envoy, the all-in-one platform for companies that value safety, efficiency, and seamless interactions.

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Integrations for your every need. A simple API for everything else.

The Envoy platform plugs and plays with the technologies you need most like Slack, Microsoft, Salesforce, and Google. Plus, you can build your own. Find the tools you need and get up and running today.

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