Meet the leaders at Envoy

Headshot of Larry Gadea Headshot of Larry Gadea

Larry Gadea

Founder and CEO

Larry is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Envoy. At the age of 17, Google recruited him as a software engineer. He later joined Twitter as an infrastructure engineer where he developed a scalable system for mass email notifications. He was also one of Twitter's first 50 employees.

Larry likes to push himself and others to achieve great things. He is passionate about technology and loves experimenting with the latest and greatest. Ask him about his 3D printer or home automation system that he built from scratch.

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Headshot of Sinohe Terrero Headshot of Sinohe Terrero

Sinohe Terrero

Chief Financial Officer

Sinohe is the Chief Financial Officer at Envoy. Sinohe has taken on leadership roles at a number of successful startups. At Quid he was CFO and COO, and at Indiegogo and Etsy he led the finance and data teams.

A proud Bronx native and a former music producer, Sinohe loves jazz and classic 90’s R&B.

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Headshot of Jon Fan Headshot of Jon Fan

Jon Fan

Chief Product Officer

Jon is the Chief Product Officer at Envoy. A former Box, IBM, and Benchling leader, Jon has spent years building products for startups, enterprises, and every size company in between. At Box, he led the expansion of the product line for enterprise collaboration, workflow, and security.

Jon attended UC Berkeley and still plays pickup basketball at Cal when he can. He loves to eat good food, but unfortunately, he’s much better at eating than cooking.

Headshot of David McNeil Headshot of David McNeil

David McNeil

Chief Revenue Officer

David is the Chief Revenue Officer at Envoy. A former HubSpot and Salesforce executive, his mission is to help startups reach IPO status and drive aggressive growth. Most recently, he was chief commercial officer at, a merger of healthcare startups PatientPop and Kareo.

He is a proud dad of four teenagers (and two dogs, Mocha and Captain). When he’s not brainstorming new ways to grow the company, you’ll find him sailing or cycling.

Headshot of Claire Darling Headshot of Claire Darling

Claire Darling

Chief Marketing Officer

Claire is the Chief Marketing Officer at Envoy. She is a data-driven, modern marketing executive with a proven track record repositioning companies and creating categories for relevance and growth. She brings innovative and successful audience-based go-to-market strategies and expertise from Skybox Security, ServiceNow, VMware, and Adobe.