Envoy’s COVID-19 workplace safety resource center

Tips and tools to run an office that helps your team stay healthy and productive.

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Workplace best practices from thought leaders

From data mavens to workplace leaders, we've gathered insights from Envoy experts on how to run a safe, healthy workplace.

Envoy is committed to building for safe workplace reopenings

Building the safe workplace and helping with office reopenings is now Envoy's #1 priority. Envoy will be here to help you navigate the return back and do it as safely as possible.

How to keep your visitors safe with a touchless sign-in process

Learn how to create a frictionless check-in experience while giving your visitors, and employees, peace of mind beyond the times of a global health crisis.

The 10 industries that covid can’t stop (from welcoming visitors)

What industries are still allowing visitors? This blog post outlines the 10 industries that are—and are not—allowing visitors into their offices.

7 tips to create a safe visitor experience—before they even walk through the door

Crafting a safe visitor experience starts well before your guest arrives. Learn how to create a safe experience using your visitor management system.

How to create a stellar visitor experience when you’re both remote

Here are some ways you can adapt the top-notch visitor experience you provide in the physical workplace to your guests remotely.

Best practices to make the most of your in-person and remote meetings

Collaboration is an essential part of doing our best work. Here are a few ideas for before and during your meeting to make sure it goes well.

The impact of coronavirus on the workplace in 6 charts

We analyzed visitor data across 13,000 global offices to determine the impact coronavirus has had on workplace activity and the economy as a whole.

Key tips for running a remote company-wide meeting

We thought our remote company meeting would be a challenge, but we’ve seen strong attendance, good engagement, and positive vibes.

Practical workplace tech: Pro tips for working from home

The global pandemic has left many people working from home. Here are some pro-tips for staying productive if you’re working away from the office.