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An executive framework for scaling hybrid work security

Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity. In the wake of the pandemic, changes to the workplace are inevitable. 45% of employees are calling for hybrid work, which lets them choose when to go into the office. But are security teams ready for the shift?

In a hybrid work environment, the security perimeter is no longer bound to an office. It has to extend to wherever employees work, whether that’s at home, a cafe, or even on the go. To complicate things, security has also expanded into workplace health. To keep employees safe, security teams need to be sure the people coming into the workplace are healthy.


Hybrid work demands that companies rethink their security strategies, policies, and procedures. By taking a systematic approach, security leaders have a rare opportunity to innovate their programs across the enterprise. This guide offers them a framework to assess their readiness for a new era of work.

Download to learn how to:


Conduct a hybrid work security assessment


Use the results to scale your security programs


Improve your preparedness over time