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Employees say the workplace is what makes hybrid work

As the pandemic continues to evolve, so do people’s feelings about the future of work. That’s why we’ve surveyed employees on their attitudes toward the workplace since the start of the pandemic. In our most recent survey, we asked 1,000 employees in the US who have returned to the workplace how they feel about being back.

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Employees have made it clear: they’ve missed being on-site. To win their people back faster, employers must focus on creating a safe, flexible hybrid workplace experience.

In this report, we’ll dive into the facts that tell how employees feel about returning to the workplace. We’ll take a look at how the demand for a hybrid work model has changed since the start of the pandemic. We’ll also dig deeper into the advantages people see in being on-site, broken down by different employee demographics. Finally, we’ll talk about what workplace teams can do to make the on-site experience more enticing for employees. 

Here’s what we learned:


71% of employees want their companies to adopt hybrid work. 56% of that group wants to work mostly on-site.


95% of employees said working on-site has its advantages. 46% said separating work life from home life has been an advantage.


87% of employees worry about workplace safety, while 59% believe their employers have done enough to keep their people safe.