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What is the value of working in an office?

The physical workplace brings people together, helping to boost productivity, foster connection, and attract and retain top talent in your organization.

Amy Kirkham
By Amy Kirkham Content Marketing Manager

Since the pandemic, the workplace has evolved. It’s more than just where people work. The workplace is now a hub for connection, collaboration, and innovation. It’s a place where your people can see each other in-person again, either in a hybrid work model or 100% on-site. 

Creating a workplace that top talent want to visit and be a part of takes time, planning, and the right tools. And just like a hotel or Airbnb, the design of your workplace can help make or break people’s overall stay and opinion of your business. 

Let’s take a look at 5 key benefits of working in an office, including how it can attract talent and set them up for success in your organization.


1. Working in an office drives a sense of purpose

The pandemic caused two-thirds of employees to reflect on their purpose in life. Of those folks, millennials were the biggest group who were reevaluating their purpose at work.

Creating a workplace that supports a sense of purpose and achievement is crucial. Being around coworkers who share a common goal reinforces individual purpose within your organization. Folks are able to observe the actions of others and feel like they’re contributing to something. They are able to celebrate wins together. 

Ensure your office supports this level of teamwork and interaction. This will help drive purpose and engagement. With that comes lower turnover, longer tenures, and a greater willingness to recommend the company to others. An ultimate win. 


2. Working in an office instills a sense of belonging

Belonging refers to someone’s feeling of acceptance within a group or organization. It’s something that can be hard to build, especially over Zoom and Slack when new hires haven’t met any of their coworkers IRL.

As candidates join your organization and visit your office, they will undoubtedly connect with people. This increases their sense of belonging which, ultimately, increases their enjoyment at your organization and encourages them to stay.


3. Working in an office fosters friendship and real connection

According to a recent study, 37% of employees stated connection with coworkers was the top reason why they chose to work from the office. For new talent (especially younger folks), working  in an office provides the opportunity to make new friends and increase their social capital. 


4. Working in an office improves productivity

There’s no denying that people can be productive from anywhere. 67% of people who worked from home reported they felt more productive there than in an office—but that’s not true for everyone. The physical workplace can improve productivity by enabling information sharing and accessibility. In fact, 42% of employees say that the ability to access information quickly and easily boosts their productivity levels. 

Managing your workspace to support interactions and learning is an important first step to improving productivity on-site. Implementing quiet zones, social spaces, and collaborative areas are great ways to drive productivity in the workplace and attract new talent.


5. Working in an office helps build confidence

Some new hires have experienced successful onboarding remotely. However, you can never fully eradicate every feeling of nervousness or uncertainty when you start out in a new job. 

Being together in an office helps create the opportunity for new hires to ask questions, learn through osmosis, and feel more confident in their role.

It’s true, the value of the workplace has changed. It’s now a space for everything you might not get at home or virtually–collaboration, creativity, productivity, culture, and celebration. And when you create a space that supports all of the above, you’ll actually get employees excited to choose the office over working from home.

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Working in an office

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