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Verify employee vaccination status: the first step toward a safe reopening

Building a safe environment for employees is one of the most important things companies can do to encourage their people back to the workplace. One way to do that is to verify your employees’ vaccination status before they enter one of your physical locations. In fact, soon, US employers with 100 or more employees will need to ensure their people are vaccinated to come on-site.  

Below we’ll cover four reasons to invest in a scalable and trusted way to verify employee vaccination status. 

1 – Make sure your workplace is in compliance 

You don’t want to be unprepared when the federal mandate goes into effect. Be ready to require employees to be vaccinated to enter the workplace by having a sound system that helps you verify employee vaccination status. This will ensure your organization remains compliant, steering it clear of costly legal issues. It also means your team can scale the process of verifying statuses without hassle. This is an especially big win for organizations with multiple locations or a large number of employees.  

2 – Keep your employees healthy while they’re on-site

As more people come back on-site, it’s critical that your organization reduces the possibility of sick employees entering the workplace. More people means the chances are higher that people will come into close contact with others on-site. Reduce health risks on-site by ensuring everyone who enters is approved to be there. If an employee is unable to provide proof of vaccination, you can restrict their access to the workplace until they do.

3 – Make it easier for employees to come to work 

To inspire your people to work on-site, it’s important to remove barriers to entry. Rather than have employees answer a daily health questionnaire, you can require them to show proof of vaccine status once. This gives employees the flexibility to come on-site when they need to be there, which is key in a hybrid work model. Employees can come on-site without any hassle—allowing them to shift their focus from documents and safety to the work that matters. When employees feel productive in the workplace, they’re more likely to want to come in again. 

4 – Inspire confidence in your employees

The workplace should be a space people can collaborate, connect, and do great work. It should not be somewhere people are fearful of entering. Checking employee vaccination status before allowing them on-site is an important step toward giving people peace of mind and inspiring them to return. People can rest assured that their organization is taking their safety seriously and that everyone on-site met the vaccination criteria before entering. Some organizations will couple this with other workplace safety measures, such as requiring employees to complete a daily health check or show proof of a recent negative Covid test. 

Verify the vaccination status of everyone who enters your building to ensure your people are protected and your organization is compliant. But don’t take this work on yourself. Check out this blog post to learn how to roll out safety protocols your employees trust—including workplace vaccine requirements—with the help of trusted technology. 

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