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Your step-by-step guide to efficient IT onboarding

Onboarding new hires and equipping them with the right tech can be overwhelming, especially if you have a distributed workforce. So we’ve created a handy checklist that you and your IT team can use to help you onboard new employees with ease.


Hiring new employees can be exciting for any company. New hires bring their ideas and offer chances for the business to grow. But before the new ideas, comes access to the right technology. That includes the right equipment with security and functional software installed, necessary accounts all set up, and training on how to use workplace technology.

This step is essential in creating a great workplace culture and employee experience. In fact, according to our recent workplace trends report, 34% of employees cite slow or outdated technology as a major deal breaker for returning to the workplace. Learn how to upgrade your tech onboarding process with our handy checklist.

Inside you’ll find


A checklist for onboarding new hires to your tech stack


Suggestions for how to run a tech workshop


Tips on setting employees up in your workplace platform