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How to identify and solve hybrid work challenges

The workplace is back in action, and companies around the world are testing a hybrid work model for the very first time. Every organization’s approach to this model will be different depending on their needs, which is why there’s no step-by-step guide to doing hybrid work the “right” way. Testing to see what works and what doesn’t for your people is the only way to improve. That means your team needs to be agile and prepare to put out fires if they crop up. And they will, as you’ve probably found.

Illustration of a reopened hybrid workplace. There is a magnifying glass identifying the challenge of the office being noisy, causing employees to not be able to focus.

Fortunately, there are tactics you can use to stay ahead of workplace issues and implement fixes faster. In this ebook, we’ll help you anticipate and solve workplace challenges in a hybrid work setting so you can help your people get the most out of this flexible model of work.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to:


Address common hybrid work challenges in a way that best suits your people


Identify and solve workplace issues before they grow more complex


Track your progress and iterate to ensure the workplace runs smoothly