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The workplace manager’s guide to planning for hybrid work

According to our survey of 800 workplace leaders, 72% of companies have a hybrid work policy. But creating a thriving hybrid culture—and designing a workplace that supports it—takes hard work and planning. Workplace managers need to adapt and take on new responsibilities to ensure a seamless and great hybrid experience for their employees on-site.


Follow along with us and we’ll walk you through how to plan for hybrid work. We’ll go over the key tools you need to introduce to your workplace, and how to roll them out to employees. We’ll also breakdown the four different types of hybrid schedules, and how you can uniquely plan for each of them. We’ve provided planning suggestions based around data, so you know you’ll be planning effective and data-backed experiences for employees. Plus, this ebook includes video explanations to help guide you as you set out to plan a great hybrid experience for your employees.

Get the ebook to learn:


The tools that support hybrid work


Types of hybrid schedules and how to plan for them


How to design on-site experiences that excite your teams