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Enterprise executives say hybrid work is here to stay

The return to the workplace has dominated news headlines over the past year. When will organizations require people to go back? Will they require them to go back? And if they do, what working models will companies adopt? These are just some of the questions people have had about the future of work.

Stylized illustration of different types of workspaces connected via a puzzle.

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve surveyed employees to learn how their opinions on returning to the workplace have evolved. Now, it’s time to learn where employers stand. To find out, we surveyed 250 enterprise executives in the US on their return-to-office plans and feelings about hybrid work.

Here’s what we learned


79% of executives plan to adopt a hybrid work model. None of the employers surveyed said they plan to adopt a fully remote model. 


100% of employers have found managing organizational challenges harder than before the pandemic. 75% said security has been more challenging.


69% of executives said they plan to increase or maintain the size of their physical workplace over the next year. Only 31% plan to downsize.

In this report, we’ll dig deeper into each of these findings. We’ll look at how the data breaks down by different employer segments. We’ll also explore discrepancies between employer and employee sentiment on returning.

The question around which working model companies plan to adopt has been answered. Enterprises are ready to chart a new path forward with hybrid work. Now, they must ask what they need to do to set their organizations and people up for success. The survey results in this report offer crucial guidance.