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At Work: bridging gaps in the workplace

In our recent At Work workplace trends report, we uncovered major gaps in how employees and executives view the workplace. They disagreed on things like the purpose of the workplace, office taboos, proximity bias, and more. But we wanted to go a step further and figure out what workplace leaders are actually doing to close those gaps.

We sat down with three workplace leaders. Each from different industries and with different return-to-work policies:

  • Emily Day, Director of Workplace Experience at Hashicorp
  • Max Cardinale, Vice President at Thermal Shipping Solutions
  • Annette Reavis, Chief People Officer at Envoy
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Each workplace leader has tried different tactics to build a more cohesive workplace. While one leader is experimenting with office perks, another is implementing strategies to reduce proximity bias. One leader is hosting virtual team-bonding events, and another is offering more flexible work hours. Ultimately, all workplace leaders agreed that the workplace should be a place where both employees and executives can come together and feel like they are a part of a connected and supported community. Check out the videos to hear from workplace experts on what they’re doing to bridge the gaps in the workplace.