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Workplace habits 2020 infographic: We share the same frustrations

Every office is different and our day-to-day work itself may vary, but there are some workplace habits we all have in common. Explore our infographic.

Lori Maupas
By Lori Maupas Writer

There’s a lot to be frustrated with at work. Maybe the Wi-Fi keeps kicking you off the network, or software tools you use are old and buggy. Or, maybe the front desk isn’t alerting you to visitors or package deliveries in a timely manner. Better yet, you spent time scheduling the perfect meeting room for your upcoming presentation and someone is taking too long to vacate the space. It’s annoying when the workplace technology you use and the process you have in place to make things easier… don’t.

These common problems may seem small, but they can have a significant impact on workplace productivity. We surveyed U.S. workers about workplace habits and created an infographic highlighting the most interesting stats. Let’s break down our key findings.

Your office is a busy place, and getting busier all the time—our research proves it. Businesses that don’t take control of visitor, delivery, and room scheduling management will struggle to comply with requirements and waste precious time.

Choosing the right technology is a critical step. The last thing you need is a subpar software solution that adds to your workplace troubles! A proven platform that’s easy to use and integrates seamlessly with your existing systems will help eliminate frustrations while reducing risk. Give Envoy a try and see for yourself.

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Lori Maupas
Author Bio Lori Maupas

Lori is passionate about writing content to help educate and inspire workplace leaders. She covers everything from the visitor and employee experience to space management, to the workplace tech-stack that keeps it all running.