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Nov 9, 2023

Make in-person collaboration seamless with the newest Envoy app features

Make it easier for your employees to collaborate in person using the Envoy app with favorites, employee photos and schedules, and more.
Wing Poon
Product Marketer
Make in-person collaboration seamless with the newest Envoy app features

Many workplaces are reopening. More employees are coming back on-site. That means now is the opportunity to make the workplace experience great. Nowadays, 95% of employees want flexibility in when they work, and 78% in where they work. From Envoy’s recent At Work survey, about half the employees are also excited about reconnecting with their colleagues and work friends in person.But, the challenge many employees now face is knowing when they should come into the office. It can be frustrating and disappointing to commute to work to find out that their key co-workers or work friends are not in that day.Solving this poor employee experience presents workplaces with an opportunity to stand out. To make hybrid work, workplaces need to make collaboration in person seamless. Striking a balance of giving employees flexibility and ensuring their time on-site is meaningful is key.To make this balance obtainable for workplaces, we’ve released a handful of new features in the Envoy app, all with the hybrid employee experience in mind.

Recent releases

Here are some recently released features that make collaboration on-site more seamless.Employee schedules: See which days co-workers plan to be on-siteMany employees are intentional about planning their in-office days when they know they can meet with key collaborators. They might come in only if specific teammates are in too. On Envoy’s app, you can view all the days when your colleagues are scheduled to come in. You can also choose to book a desk near them to make it easier to work together. Employees can make their schedules private at any time. With this new feature, intentional collaboration becomes even more seamless!Available on all Envoy plans

Employee schedule

Favorites: Make it easier to find and collaborate with key co-workersWorking on-site is more productive and enjoyable when your teammates and key stakeholders are also on-site. In Envoy’s app, you can see when your favorite co-workers are coming in. Or be notified a week in advance when they schedule a day in the office so you can plan to be there as well. See where they’ll be sitting so you can reserve a desk near them to collaborate in person. And if your favorite colleagues are not scheduled to come yet, you can send them an invite! Learn more. This app feature works best with Desks (Learn more) | Available on all Envoy plans

Favorite employees

Employee photos: Find and identify co-workers easier with photosOne of the awkward parts about making the transition from remote to in-office is seeing co-workers who you may only recognize from a Zoom screen. To help employees find each other, Envoy’s app now displays employee photos on the map, directory, and employee profile. By seeing pictures of friendly faces on the map, it’s easier (and less awkward) to find co-workers, see where folks are sitting at a glance, and know who is sitting nearby. Now you can say “hi" with confidence and even make a new work friend!Available on all Envoy plans

Employee photos

Multi-day booking: Plan ahead and book desks for multiple days at onceNow it’s easier than ever for employees to set their schedules for hybrid work within the Envoy app. Book a desk for multiple days in the workplace all at once. Simply tap the days you’re planning to come on-site and you’ll automatically reserve a desk for all future days. Learn more.Available on all Desks plans (See features)

Multi-day scheduling

App branding: Customize your brand experience within the Envoy appTo take the personalized app experience up a notch, feature your company’s branding throughout Envoy’s app. Make the Envoy app feel more your own and inviting for your team by featuring your company's logo and brand colors. While your employees might not be familiar with Envoy, they definitely know your company. Use the power of your branding to encourage more employees to take advantage of Envoy’s app and collaborate seamlessly in person. Learn more. Available on Visitors + Product Premium and Enterprise plans (See features)

Company branding

Desk amenities: Filter by Desk amenities to find the perfect desk for your dayDifferent employees need different desk amenities to do their best work. Some need a dual monitor, some need a standing desk, and some need a quiet spot by the window. Now in Envoy’s app, employees can easily filter, find, and book a desk with the tools and setup they need to be productive, comfortable, and happy in the workplace. Assign amenities to desks so employees can filter for the perfect desk to do their best work in just a few taps. Learn more.Available on all Desks plans (See features)We're always building and improving features for our customers across all our products. In case you missed them, check out our recap of the most-loved Envoy features launched last year. We've also recently released proof of vaccination and Covid test results for visitors. Workplaces will continue to evolve by placing the employee experience front and center. Leverage the power of workplace apps and make your company stand out in the new era of workplace flexibility and collaboration. Not sure where to start or looking to learn how to uplevel your workplace? Contact us or send us a chat and we’ll be happy to help.

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Wing Poon
Wing Poon

Wing is a marketer at Envoy, where he spends his days helping teams unlock the benefits of a workplace platform. He is passionate about helping people step into their full potential and hosts a podcast all about igniting and reaching your purpose.

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