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Nov 15, 2023

Your 2022 recap: The most-loved Envoy features that launched this year

Explore some of Envoy customers’ favorite new features across Visitors, Desks, Rooms, and Mobile that made their workplaces work better in 2022.
Helen Irias
Product Marketer
Your 2022 recap: The most-loved Envoy features that launched this year

We’ve seen a lot of change this year, both in and out of the workplace. Companies across all industries have returned to the office. Many have shifted to flexible and hybrid schedules to meet new needs and provide a better employee experience. However, this has led to additional concerns and challenges around productivity and proximity bias. To ease this transition, our team has been working hard to launch new features that simplify flexible work for employees, visitors, and you—the workplace teams that make it all happen. Here are some of our customers’ favorite new features that made their workplaces work better in 2022.

Find everything in the workplace on an interactive map

In the Envoy mobile app, you and your employees can now see a birds eye view of your workplace and resources like rooms, desks, and spaces on an interactive map. In addition to knowing who’s sitting where, you can now find and book available meeting rooms and desks, see visitor details, and know where to pick up deliveries—straight from the map in the Envoy app. As an admin, you can set up desks, rooms, visitor lobbies, and delivery areas on your map to make it easy for employees to navigate the workplace. Learn more.

Invite visitors and book desks directly from Google Calendar

Have you explored the App Marketplace lately? This year, we added dozens of new apps and made significant improvements to existing apps. One app that got a major makeover this year was Google Calendar. Now you can invite visitors, schedule onsite days, and book desks directly from Google Calendar. Any changes made within Google Calendar or Envoy will sync in both places. Learn more.

Reserve desks by the hour

To make the most of your space, employees now have the option to specify which hours they want to reserve a desk. So if they book a desk from 9:00am-1:00pm, that desk is free for another employee coming in for the afternoon. To book a desk by the hour on the mobile app, employees just need to toggle off the “All day” button and select their desired reservation time frame. Learn how.

Add desk amenities so employees can book the space that works best

Now on Envoy’s app, employees can easily filter, find, and book a desk that has the tools and setup they need to be productive, comfortable, and happy in the workplace. Assign amenities to desks, like a dual monitor, an ergonomic chair, or even natural light, so employees can filter for the right desk to do their best work in just a few taps. Learn how to set up desk amenities here.

Introducing Desks Amenities

Resolve workplace issues fast with mobile ticketing

With workplace ticketing, you can streamline the workplace experience by making it easier for your employees to report facilities and IT issues directly on the Envoy app. Employees can create tickets straight from their phone. They can even snap photos and note the location of the issue so your facilities and IT teams can act quickly to resolve it. Learn more.And since many companies rely on Jira for ticketing, Envoy now lets you map your Jira categories and fields into Envoy's workplace ticketing. Install the Jira app today or learn more in our help center.

Streamline workplace scheduling with employee sign-in enhancements

There’s often so much on your mind when you arrive at work, it’s easy to forget to actually sign in. That’s why Envoy will sign in employees automatically based on their location settings in the mobile app. Admins can also set up automatic sign-in notifications to make sure everyone remembers to sign in on days when they’re scheduled to be onsite. This gives workplace teams a more accurate record of how many employees are actually onsite each day on the Envoy dashboard, without any extra effort. Seeing who’s onsite isn’t just important to admins. Employees also want to know if their teammates are in the workplace. Now, when employees sign in to the workplace, a green dot appears beside their photo to indicate they’re onsite. You can tap on coworkers with a green dot to see where their desk is, change your desk to sit near them, or just swing by to connect in person. Learn more.

Coordinate onsite collaboration with employee groups

Working onsite is most productive when your teammates and project stakeholders are there too. You and your employees can now create workplace groups in the Envoy app to easily invite and find key coworkers onsite. Filter schedules by group to easily see who is planning to be onsite and where they booked a desk. Have a group project deadline coming up? Invite the whole group into the workplace with just a few taps. Create a workplace group today by going to the "Directory" tab, and tap "New group." Learn more.

Share email reports of Visitors data with stakeholders on a set schedule

If you’re an admin on a Premium or Enterprise plan, you can now embed charts and tables of Visitors data in your scheduled email exports. Let all stakeholders view the latest Visitors insights without logging into the Envoy dashboard. Enterprise customers can also schedule reports of data in CSV format, so teams can seamlessly add workplace data to platforms like Tableau or Looker. Learn more.

Welcome visitors into multi-tenant buildings

If any of your workplace locations are in a shared office building, you might feel frustrated when your guests have a different experience on the ground floor than they have upon entering your workplace. That’s why this year, we launched Envoy Connect, bringing entire buildings and their property managers into the Envoy product suite. Connect links the day-to-day operational systems of the entire building with those of each tenant inside. Properties can now streamline visitor management from the ground floor to each tenant’s office door, and communicate updates in real-time. This allows for new levels of hospitality, security, and analytics–key priorities for top-tier properties. Learn more about Connect.

And those are just the highlights! You can find a complete list of the latest feature releases in Envoy’s changelog.As 2022 comes to a close, it’s time to start preparing your workplace for the changes next year will bring. Envoy helps you establish processes that are both future-proof and flexible, so you can grow and adapt effortlessly. Curious about best practices for flexible work, or wondering how to get started? Contact us today, we’re always happy to help.

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Helen Irias
Helen Irias

Helen is a marketer at Envoy who loves helping customers create great experiences throughout the workplace and discover new features to make their lives easier. Outside of work, you can find Helen knitting oddly-sized blankets, going to hot yoga at the crack of dawn, or finding new hiking spots with her Frenchie.

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