Envoy Connect

Multi-tenant visitor management system

Keep your property secure and exceed tenant expectations with a visitor management platform designed for property owners.

Streamline building security

Get real-time visibility into all expected visitors with a comprehensive invite log

Simplify visitor sign-in with Envoy

Manage physical access control

As tenants invite visitors on-site, property admins can monitor each visitor’s approval status and grant temporary access to designated areas.

Standardize visitor verification

Screen all guests against a propery-wide block list, and only allow designated security admins to check in visitors.

Connect your existing tech stack

Integrate with the systems your building already uses for access control, background checks, watch lists, and more.

Modernize visitor registration

Manage tenants with Envoy

Simplify sign-in

Minimize arrival backup with an intuitive iPad check-in and front desk badge credentialing for approved visitors.

Transform visitor experiences

Automatic host notifications ensure every visitor receives a prompt greeting–and a fantastic first impression.

Provide tenant-first solutions

Tenants can easily create a free Envoy account, securely link it to your property, and customize their visitor experience.

Provide experiences that keep tenants renewing

  • Strengthen tenants' confidence and trust in your property by making your lobby both a welcoming environment and thorough security checkpoint.
  • Instantly notify hosts when their visitors arrive in the lobby so they can prepare for a warm welcome. Tenants can receive notifications via apps their workplace already uses, like Slack or Teams.
  • Make informed improvements with unparalleled insights into visitor foot traffic across all of your properties.
  • Delight tenants with a secure, end-to-end visitor management solution that requires no paid subscription and provides multiple upgrade options.
Illustrations of visitors being checked in Envoy
Key Features

The ultimate multi-tenant visitor management platform

Cloud-based security console

Cloud-based security console

Give main lobby security the tools they need to screen and check-in every guest.
Instant notifications

Instant notifications

Notify tenants’ hosts when their guests arrive via email, Slack, Teams, and more.
Easy implementation

Easy implementation

Let tenants link their Envoy account to yours in just a few clicks.
Sleek iPad sign-in

Sleek iPad sign-in

Make arrivals seamless with an intuitive iPad check-in process.
Comprehensive visitor log

Comprehensive visitor log

Maintain a digital record of all your property’s visitors to ensure compliance.
Property-wide blocklist

Property-wide blocklist

Safeguard your building by screening all visitors against a comprehensive block list.
Security integrations

Security integrations

Connect with external systems for access control, Wi-Fi, background checks, and more.
Real-time tenant invite sync

Real-time tenant invite sync

Know who’s expected at each tenant suite with an up-to-date visitor log.

Still have questions?
We can help.

How does multi-tenant visitor management differ from visitor management?

A standard Visitor Management System (VMS) such as Envoy Visitors is ideal for individual companies. Companies can use Envoy Visitors to invite and register people visiting their company at any workplace location. Envoy Connect, on the other hand, is intended for entire properties, allowing them to manage visitors for their building and for each of their tenants.

Can a multi-tenant visitor management system work for multiple properties?

Yes, as a property owner, you can use one Envoy Connect account to manage all properties and their corresponding tenants.

What do tenants need in order to start using Envoy Connect?

Envoy Connect lets commercial property owners of multi-tenant buildings manage building security behind the scenes with a single dashboard. As a building owner, your tenants only need a Basic (Free) Envoy plan and a unique access code from your property in order to connect their Visitors account to your property. This lets main lobby security manage arrivals in a safe and welcoming way.