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Meet 3 workplace leaders inspiring the future of work

The workplace is evolving fast. Connect with other leaders so you’re prepared to adapt as the workplace continues to change.
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Meet 3 workplace leaders inspiring the future of work

You, the workplace leader, are the hero driving your organization’s return-to-office plans. You think about what employees need before they even know they need it. You obsess over all the details that make being in the workplace enjoyable. You partner with IT and security to make sure employees have the best tech at their fingertips. Every day, you give your all to make sure employees have what they need to succeed and be happy in the workplace. All that work takes experience and a lot of creative thinking. To do your job well, you need to keep inspired. One of the best ways to do that is by connecting with fellow workplace leaders. That’s why, back in June 2021, we published a post highlighting three people driving change in the workplace space. Now, we’re back to share three more leaders worth following. Meet Tracy Hawkins, Michael Ford, and Omar Ramirez.

1 – Tracy Hawkins: Vice President of Real Estate & Workplace at Twitter

“The office represents many different things to people. [For] some people that's focus. For some people that’s social. For some people, it’s collaboration.” – Tracy Hawkins via Airmeet

Meet Tracy

Tracy has held a bunch of positions during her more than eight years at Twitter—from managing international real estate and facilities to her current role as VP of Real Estate & Workplace and Remote Experience. (Her experience is so extensive, she’s been called the “queen of the workplace“ world.) Stay up to speed on important return-to-office topics and get sneak peeks of her own workplace experience at one of the world’s most-known companies.

What Tracy posts about

  • Upcoming workplace events and conferences
  • Her own on-site experiences
  • Fun workplace content using the hashtag #lovewhereyouwork

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2 – Michael Ford: CVP of Global Real Estate & Security at Microsoft

“Real estate portfolios must have the agility to meet and exceed business and employees needs—today and in the future.” – Michael Ford, via Microsoft

Meet Michael

Michael has been talking about flexible work since before the pandemic even started. It’s no wonder why, today, he has a strong grasp on how to approach flexibility in a hybrid work model. At Microsoft, where he heads up the Global Real Estate and Security team, he’s responsible for delivering secure and connected workplaces across the global organization. (When we say “global,” we mean it; Microsoft’s real estate portfolio is more than 38 million square feet and spans more than 100 countries.) Michael is also very active online, where he often pens posts and engages with the workplace community.

What Michael posts about

  • Reports on workplace trends
  • Groundbreaking real estate projects his team drives
  • Thought leadership content on hybrid work

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3 – Omar Ramirez: Head of Workplace Services at Miro

“If people understand that you're actually listening to them, there is a trust that is formed. Then, they are more likely to give you more feedback.” – Omar Ramirez via Density

Meet Omar

Omar is not only Head of Workplace Services at Miro, he’s the organization's first Head of Workplace Services. Since he started at Miro, he and his team have been hard at work launching new workplace hubs—like this one in LA. He’s passionate about improving the day-to-day lives of Miro employees and ensuring the workplace meets their needs. And it’s a big task; the company’s headcount went from 300 to more than 900 employees during the pandemic. Need workplace design inspiration? Omar also shares cool new workplace products designed to give employees a better on-site experience.

What Omar posts about

  • Tips for balancing work and life
  • Recommendations for digital conferences and events
  • Behind-the-scenes content at Miro

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—The workplace is evolving fast. By connecting with other workplace leaders, you can stay on top of the latest work trends and be prepared to adapt as the workplace continues to change.

To learn how to stay ahead of workplace issues in a flexible work environment, download our ebook, How to identify and solve hybrid work challenges.

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