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3 workplace leaders you should be following right now

Check out three workplace leaders to follow as you lead your company through its transition to a hybrid work model.

Tiffany Fowell
By Tiffany Fowell Content Marketer

If we know one thing about the workplace today, it’s that it’s not the same as it was before the pandemic. It can’t be. People have new expectations for how they work and organizations must adapt to meet them. Employees want a flexible, collaborative, and safe workplace experience. If companies don’t adapt, as many as 47% of employees say they’ll likely hit the job boards. It’s down to workplace leaders to spearhead the change employees expect.

But there’s no blueprint for success. Companies are still figuring out what works best for their people, and what works for one company may not work for others. Navigating the post-pandemic workplace takes a village. More than ever, workplace leaders should connect and learn from one another. In that spirit, here are three workplace leaders you should follow to gain inspiration as you lead your company through its transition to a more flexible work environment.

1 – Nellie Hayat: Head of Workplace Transformation at VergeSense

“In the perfect future of work, we want to create a work culture where people are excited to be there and choose how to manage their time. Managers will no longer need to hold a carrot on a stick, but instead, focus on providing a work environment that facilitates happiness and growth within the workplace.” – Nellie Hayat, via Fast Company

Position on hybrid work

  • The pandemic has changed people’s expectations of their workplace.
  • To adapt, leaders must get creative and make bold decisions around office design, health and wellness, remote-friendly collaboration, and technology investments.

Why you should follow Nellie

Nellie brings a lot of energy to the community of workplace leaders. She’s the host of VergeSense’s video spotlight series, Destination Workplace. She uses her platform to build community and share workplace knowledge. In the summer of 2021, Nellie will launch a series of intimate dinners for workplace leaders to meet in person and discuss the future of work. Follow Nellie on LinkedIn.

2 – Lynne Oldham: Chief of People at Zoom

“The workplace has forever changed, and employers need to support flexibility in the workplace. I’m currently working to be sure employees return to a safe office designed around employee needs, in a hybrid model geared toward enhancing collaboration and productivity while allowing space for employees to be humans first.” – Lynne Oldham via Business Insider

Position on hybrid work

  • Companies should revolutionize the way we work, not “evolution-ize” it.
  • Hybrid work must center around the employee experience. 
  • To enable employees, companies need to be intentional about their approach to flexible work.

Why you should follow Lynne

Lynne’s leadership extends beyond her duties as Chief of People at Zoom. She’s a board member and founding collaborator of FLEXWORK, an open-source community that helps companies reimagine work. As an HR professional, she has a unique perspective on flexible work and how to build a people-centric workplace experience. Follow Lynne on LinkedIn.

3 – Francis Aquino: Workplace Experience Manager at Netflix

“I’m really excited about how we can redefine the office and reimagine workplace experience for all employees no matter where they are. A lot of companies are realizing that, yes, we can provide a WFH opportunity for employees and still maintain a great culture.” – Francis Aquino

Position on hybrid work

  • Companies have a unique opportunity to redefine the workplace experience post-pandemic.
  • The workplace isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it’ll be even more vital in the new normal.
  • Space will be key to companies remaining competitive post-pandemic. The workplace should provide different space options for employees so they can work however they need.

Why you should follow Francis

Francis has many years of experience in workplace leadership. He was the Senior Manager of Workplace Experience at Headspace and Regional Manager of Facilities and Workplace Services for Uber West Coast. He’s also led the buildout of many different workspaces, including Honey’s 130,000 square feet HQ. He has an active presence online and often shares his insights about the future of the workplace. Follow Francis on LinkedIn.

The workplace is evolving fast. By connecting with other workplace leaders, you can stay on top of the latest work trends and be more prepared to adapt as the workplace continues to change. 

To learn how to stay ahead of workplace issues in a flexible work environment, download our ebook, How to identify and solve hybrid work challenges.

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Tiffany Fowell
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