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Apr 9, 2024

Envoy Rooms and the Envoy workplace platform: a data-driven workplace made for you

Your workplace should help you do your best work—not hold you back. At Envoy, our mission is to challenge the status quo. Meet the workplace platform.
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Envoy Rooms and the Envoy workplace platform: a data-driven workplace made for you

Your workplace should help you do your best work—not hold you back. But we’ve all experienced the daily distractions of a disorganized office. Small issues pile up and keep us from doing the work that matters.

At Envoy, our mission is to challenge the status quo of what is too often a flawed and frustrating workplace. When we started looking at the problem in 2013, we learned that welcoming visitors was harder than it appeared. Bad experiences, security gaps, compliance issues, and inefficiency plagued the front desk. So we built and shipped our Visitors product. Today, over 13,000 workplaces use Envoy Visitors on a daily basis, and more than 60 million guests have signed in around the world. In 2017 we launched our Deliveries product to address the dramatic rise in employee packages delivered to the office. Since then, companies around the globe have scanned over one million packages.

In 2020, our mission is more relevant than ever. The explosion of smart home technology has changed our expectations for what a workplace should look like. Increasingly people are seeking out workplaces that work for them in easy and intuitive ways.

“We have all grown accustomed to the tech at home that makes our lives easier and more efficient. And we’ve naturally come to expect the same experience at the office.” - Larry Gadea, CEO and founder of Envoy

Today we announce the next step in our journey with the launch of our workplace platform—a solution for common workplace problems. This includes the launch of a meeting rooms product, a mobile app for employees, the unification of your workplace notifications, and new ways for third-party developers to integrate and build on Envoy’s platform.

Simple meeting scheduling

Meeting rooms are where collaboration happens. But, according to our research, 14% of meetings don’t start on time and up to 25% of meetings scheduled on the company calendar never happen at all. That’s a lot of meeting rooms and expensive real estate wasted. We built Envoy Rooms to solve these challenges.

workplace platform

Envoy Rooms is our solution for managing the physical space of meeting rooms. It runs on iPads mounted outside the room and only takes a few minutes to set up. With Envoy Rooms, the availability of a room is clear from far away, and any employee can walk up to a room and book it.

People want to spend less time finding rooms. Envoy Rooms integrates into our mobile app to find the nearest available room using Bluetooth Low Energy communication.

workplace platform

Once installed at a workplace, Envoy Rooms automatically starts saving space. This makes more rooms available in real-time for employees that need them. As Envoy Rooms learns more about your space utilization, it removes unattended meetings from the calendar.

Rooms uses integrations built on Envoy’s workplace platform. It’s available where employees want to book and manage rooms, including desktop, mobile, Slack, Microsoft Teams, or the iPad outside the room.

workplace platform

Envoy Rooms generates analytics and provides insights into the true usage of meeting rooms. You can see which rooms are most popular, and which need to be redesigned for more effective use. Insights and space-saving capabilities make it easier to plan your space, no matter the size of your office.

A mobile-first workplace

Offices are busy places and work doesn’t just happen at a desk anymore. Administrators, guests, and employees should be able to find what they need quickly, wherever they are.

That's why we reimagined our mobile app to focus on the employee experience in the workplace. With Envoy Mobile anyone can find the closest available meeting room, invite guests, and keep an eye out for that urgent delivery. Envoy Mobile streamlines everyday workplace tasks and frees us to work on what we care about most.

workplace platform

Envoy Mobile is for guests, too. Guests using Envoy Mobile are recognized when they arrive at a workplace, making sign-in as simple as a single tap. Over 13,000 offices across the globe welcome guests with Envoy Mobile.

workplace platform

Envoy Mobile is more than an app—it represents our vision for a mobile-first workplace and a better experience for everyone in the office. You can download Envoy Mobile from the App Store and Play Store.

No configuration needed

Many of today’s workplace products are a mess of different configurations. Even worse are the hours of additional training required. The Envoy workplace platform makes this a non-issue. Set up shared services like the employee directory and notifications once, and they work across all products.

Choose which notifications to receive in one centralized place, whether it’s about a package, meeting room, or visitor. Choose how you want to receive notifications—on Envoy Mobile, email, Slack, Microsoft Teams and more.

workplace platform

Extend Envoy to work with your tools

Envoy’s platform integrates with third-party tools like Slack, Microsoft, Aruba, and more than fifty other applications. Now, we’re launching a beta of our third-party developer tools for the Envoy workplace platform. Build integrations privately for your Envoy account or make them available to everyone. Build custom applications on top of Envoy's APIs and workplace data. If you’re interested in getting access to our integration builder or APIs, let us know.

“Integrating with Envoy has been an ideal way for our customers to streamline guest Wi-Fi provisioning with the physical check-in process for their visitors and employees. Our deep integration has paid major dividends for customers, and we’re excited to build on our shared success by leveraging Envoy’s open API for continued development.” - Alan Ni, Global Director of Smart Spaces & IoT at Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company

Workplace metrics—all in one place

The best way to make better business decisions is to combine a wide range of workplace data. Envoy's easy to digest charts give you the insights you need to plan your space and keep things tidy. It works for both a single office or hundreds of offices globally.

workplace platform

Challenge the status quo

Thinking differently about the workplace experience is what we do. And we won’t be satisfied until we’ve removed the everyday obstacles that keep us from being productive and happy at work. We’ve got an ambitious plan and we’re excited to share what we think comes next for the future of the workplace—a modern office that enables and encourages us to do our best work. We're excited about what we're building. If you are too, we'd love to hear from you.

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