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Customize your visitor sign-in flows to create a better workplace experience

A good visitor sign-in flow should capture the information you need while being straightforward and seamless for your visitors. If your sign-in flow is too long, it can create bottlenecks at reception, leaving visitors frustrated because they’ve been asked for info that doesn’t feel relevant to their visit—especially if they’re running late. Boost your workplace experience and speed up check-in with a sign-in app that offers fully customizable sign-in flows. 

Why use a sign-in app?

If you’re still using pen and paper for visitor registration, it’s time to upgrade to an iPad sign-in. A sign-in app makes a great first impression, elevating the workplace experience for office guests and employees. 

A good digital visitor management app is easy-to-use, branded with your company logo and colors, and fully customizable to capture all the info you need (and none of what you don’t). To keep your property and ideas safe, visitors can sign NDAs and other legal forms right from the sign-in app. Plus, an iPad sign-in is more secure than a paper logbook because visitors can’t sneak a peek at your previous guests’ names and info. What’s more, an iPad sign-in can take visitor photos, print name badges, and automatically notify hosts. 

When looking for a reliable sign-in app, we recommend a fully-customizable visitor management solution that shows you care about your visitors and their experience in your workplace.

Know your visitor types

It’s likely that you need to collect different information from different types of visitors. For example, people coming in for job interviews, making deliveries, or attending meetings. Each individual might need a different sign-in flow to fully optimize their front desk experience.

Create customized sign-in flows

Once you’ve identified the categories of visitors that come through your door, decide what info you need from each of them during sign-in. To create tailored sign-in flows, simply choose from preset sign-in fields or create your own fields for each visitor category. Common fields include email address, phone number, host, and company name.

If you need visitors to sign legal documents like NDAs, waivers, photo releases, or safety agreements, you can add this to the iPad sign-in flow.

How a customized sign-in flow improves visitors’ workplace experience

Customized sign-in flows speed up the sign-in process because visitors only spend time answering relevant questions. In addition to saving visitors’ time, it helps them feel special because the information collected relates directly to them and the reason for their visit. 

Make a better first impression with a streamlined sign-in flow and give guests a visit they’ll remember with Envoy.