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A safe and secure workplace doesn’t have to sacrifice visitor experience

With the right visitor management solution, it’s easy to weave powerful security into a delightful workplace experience.

Fayette Fox
By Fayette Fox Writer

Here’s the rub. You want a positive workplace experience where employees and visitors feel comfortable and relaxed. You also know how important it is to maintain workplace security in order to protect your people, property, and ideas. But can you keep your office safe and secure while still offering a great workplace experience?

A lot of security solutions are stuffy and unfriendly, putting a damper on your guest’s visit. Some office security products can even put guests on edge, or worse, make them feel unwelcome. Here are our top tips for effective workplace security solutions you can put in place that don’t sacrifice workplace experience.

Put your front desk first

When your front desk team greets visitors, they give the first impression of your company brand while also helping keep the office safe. However, they often don’t receive workplace security training. This is unfortunate because the office manager is often your first line of defense against intruders who might want to harm your staff, physical space, or intellectual property. 

Enhance the workplace experience and your security with a visitor management system that has built-in security tools that make visitors feel cared for.

app for subtle yet powerful workplace security

Replacing your paper logbook with a digital visitor management system improves the workplace experience while proving security doesn’t have to be intimidating. A sign-in app is an effective tool, allowing you to welcome your guests while boosting workplace security at the same time. How? By offering a range of solid security features which also elevate the visitor experience. This enables you to keep your office more secure without distracting your guests. 

Pre-registration to know who you’re expecting

A good sign-in app lets visitors pre-register, adding important details and access to legal documents in advance. This strengthens workplace security, helping you know who to look out for and who they are there to see. When you invite visitors using pre-registration, you can automatically send a custom invite email with meeting details, a map, and custom arrival instructions—all in one step.

Pre-registration simplifies front desk management, too. Your team can check the dashboard for a complete list of who to expect, so they’ll always be prepared for VIPs and authorized guests.

Pre-registration also improves the workplace experience for visitors because they can complete any paperwork ahead of time, speeding up their sign-in process once they get to your office. This all contributes to great visitor experiences, helping guests feel prepared and looked after. 

Keep track of everyone in the building

Sign-in apps act as a digital record of everyone in the building. While we certainly hope you don’t experience an emergency or evacuation at work, if a situation does arise, you can easily pull a list of everyone who’s onsite from your dashboard and make sure everyone is safe and accounted for. 

Customized visitor badges

Looking for an easy way to tell your visitors from your employees? Visitor badges are the way to go. A top-notch sign-in app can automatically print customized visitor badges, complete with your company’s logo and—if you choose—your visitor’s photo.

There’s a clear workplace security benefit for visitor badges too. You can see at a glace that everyone with a badge has finished the sign-in process. Additionally, by linking your access control system to your visitor management solution, you can ensure that only the right people are given access to sensitive areas. 

Unique Wi-Fi credentials

Are you inadvertently giving guests the keys to the castle along with your Wi-Fi password? Visitors often need internet access while they’re onsite, but they shouldn’t have continued access after their visit has ended. A sign-in app like Envoy Visitors can give guests a unique Wi-Fi code that expires after they leave, leaving your network protected. 

With the right visitor management solution, it’s easy to weave powerful security into a delightful visitor experience.

Check out our latest report, The Workplace Security Report: 2020 Security and Safety Trends to anticipate security threats, create a security budget, and implement a visitor management solution that prioritizes workplace security.

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