Visitor Registration for Offices

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Most of us commute to our offices about 250 days out of the year, so it's easy to forget that visitors may not know the best bus route or parking lot to use, which door to buzz or elevator to take. Envoy’s registration feature solves this problem. When you invite visitors using registration, you can automatically send a custom invite email with meeting details, a map, and custom arrival instructions—all in one step.

Registration simplifies front desk management, too. Your team can check the dashboard for a complete list of who to expect, so they’ll always be prepared for VIPs and authorized guests.

Several convenient ways to invite visitors

Invite forms on web and mobile

Anyone on your team can invite visitors using their personal employee dashboard. And the Envoy Passport mobile app makes it easy to invite visitors on the go. You can even invite guests on behalf of another employee.

Multiple invite upload

Registration speeds up sign-in, which is particularly handy when you’re hosting large meetings or events. Make the most of registration, and invite multiple visitors at once. There’s no need to fill out an invite form for each visitor!"

Registration + your calendar

No matter if you use Google Calendar, Outlook, or another digital calendar, you can automatically create Envoy invites from any calendar event. Simply create your event, add attendees, and send a custom invite email if desired.

Invite emails make arrival easy

One-click invite emails

With just one click, you can send visitors an invite email with all the information they need for a successful arrival. It's the easiest way to share the meeting time and date, your office address, a map and other helpful details. Your logo and brand color appears in this email, so you’ll look perfectly polished from the start.

Custom arrival details

We’ve designed the invite email template to include essential information like your address and a map. It’s also easy to add custom information your visitors need, too. Add driving directions, bike parking tips, elevator instructions, requirements for security checks or even your Wi-Fi details—it’s completely up to you.

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“MailChimp is appointment only—no walk-ins allowed. We cannot just let anyone in. That’s why the pre-registration feature is such an essential piece for us. We ask all employees to invite their guests in Envoy.”
—Sharon Teng, Operations Admin Manager, MailChimp

Registration simplifies sign-in

Visitors can register

Visitors that receive your invite email can provide their sign-in details and sign your NDA all before they arrive. This ensures that your guests have plenty of time to read and review your important documents before signing.

Details appear automatically

When an invited visitor types their name on the iPad, Envoy will automatically populate their sign-in details. And if a visitor has already signed your legal document, they’ll simply skip the NDA step and sign in faster.

Invited visitor sign-in

Registration can be a huge help to speed up sign-in. When invited attendees arrive, simply sign in these visitors from the dashboard. They'll skip the iPad all together, but you can still print badges and send notifications.

Dashboard Invites UI

Multiple ways to streamline security

Invite dashboard

When an invite is created, it appears on the invites dashboard. Since Envoy admins can see invite details for their location, they'll able to stay up to date on who's authorized, when they're arriving, who they're coming to visit and why.

Private notes on invites

The invite form has a special field for private notes. These notes aren't visible to the visitor but can help your admin team prepare each visitor's arrival. Since the notes field is open-ended, it can be used for security purposes or to provide specific instructions.

Invite notifications

It’s easy to access the dashboard, but some teams prefer to keep their list of authorized visitors via email. With this feature, your Front Desk Admin will automatically receive an email when anyone on your team creates an invite.

Security guard access

Envoy’s security guard option provides read-only access to a live-updating list of the day’s invited visitors. This way, your security firm can always see which visitors are expected, arrival time, host details and private notes.

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