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What is mailroom software?

Mail management is one of those things you don’t really think about regularly—until it causes problems. Packages pile up, employees lose orders, front desk staff can’t manage the constant stream of deliveries. With online shopping and package delivery on the rise, your workplace needs to get—and stay—ahead of its increasing mail supply.

Mailroom software exists to do just that. It automates your workplace’s mail management system. It saves front desk workers the headache of matching the package to the employee. It saves employees the stress of tracking their packages. It saves your lobby from becoming congested with boxes. Learn more about how digital mailroom software can help your workplace keep up with packages.

  • How it works: Mailroom automation software streamlines your workplace’s package delivery journey while enhancing employee and visitor experience. It should have features that allow employees to track their package, help front desk staff identify who incoming packages belong to, and alert employees when their packages arrive. Digital mailroom software should also have security features that require recipient signature on important deliveries. 
  • How it helps: Without an airtight system in place, packages can pile up in your office lobby, creating clutter and confusion. This also provides a poor experience, for both workplace visitors and delivery folks. Mailroom software helps get the right packages to the right people with the right level of security, so your employees can spend more time doing the work they came in to do in the first place.
  • Do you need it? Is your workplace mailroom really just your workplace’s front desk staff and lobby area? Especially without designated space and staff, mail management can be chaotic and confusing. Declutter common areas, free up front desk staff time, and get employees their packages quickly and safely.

In this day and age, every workplace is a mailroom. Online shopping and package delivery make that fact inevitable. Prepare your workplace with sound mailroom software and keep operations humming along smoothly.