Envoy + Microsoft Azure Active Directory integration

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Easy directory and SSO management with Azure

To get the most out of Envoy’s features, you’ll need to populate the employee directory. Envoy makes it simple to integrate with Azure’s cloud-based identity and access management service, which helps your employees’ sign in and access resources in one location. The Envoy + Azure AD integration syncs your directory into Envoy, meaning you can sync ten or ten thousand employees in just a few clicks.

Connecting Azure makes it a breeze to deploy Envoy across your entire organization: since all updates to your Azure AD are pushed to Envoy, you’ll automatically onboard and offboard employees as your team grows and changes.

Use Azure AD security groups to easily sync the right employees to the right Envoy employee directories.

Note that the Envoy + Azure integration supports both directory management and SSO (SAML 2.0).


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Sync employee details from Azure AD to Envoy in just a few clicks

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Makes it quick and simple to roll out Envoy at multiple offices

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Assign specific employees to desired locations

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Automatically update your Envoy employee directory when you update your security groups